Why Vinod Gupta Chose To Help Girls And Women In India Get An Education

Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta has made helping women succeed in India a priority. He donated the money needed to set up a girls school in the village in India he was born and raised in, for example. This money pays for everything they need to be educated including their textbooks as well as the busses they need to get back and forth from school.

In 2000 Vinod donated $1 million which was used to establish Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. This is a university where women are taught the tech knowledge they need to get jobs in India’s technology industry. This includes a number of career tracks such as web design, computer applications, textile design, and information technology. He says that women face a lot of barriers in India and he wants to do what he can to change this situation for the better.

When Vinod Gupta his father taught him to help others. Since becoming a success himself he has made it a priority to provide the resources needed to improve the educational opportunities girls and women have in India. He said he considers himself very fortunate to be able to have the resources to make large donations to help others succeed.
Vinod Gupta emigrated to the United States in 1968 so that he could attend the
University of Nebraska, earning a degree in engineering. He founded a marketing company a few years later which provided business listings to his clients. The first business listing he compiled was one of every mobile home dealer in the US. He borrowed $100 from a bank and used that money to send out mailers to every company in the country who could benefit from it, setting off his success. He sold that company a few years ago and he now leads Everest Group LLC, a private venture and capital firm, as its chairman.

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Jeff Herman of Herman Law

Many children have become victims of sexual assault to do people them being taken advantage of by the people who are trusted to take care of them. In the 1990s mother found out that her autistic 4-year-old son had been abused while in school. She was very desperate to have whoever hurt her child put in jail. Someone who heard about the disheartening acts that were done to her son notified her of a lawyer who may have been able to help. The lawyer’s name was Jeff Herman. Jeff Herman was raised in Ohio and was working as a commercial litigator at the time of this boy’s abuse.

When he found out about the boy’s abuse, he began searching to find out what exactly happened to him. In the end, he found out the boy was sexually abused by one of the employees at the school who was a convicted pedophile. The employee was not even supposed to be working around children, but due to management failing to do extensive background checks they put the student in danger. After finding out what happened to the boy, Jeff Herman was shocked to find out that many people were being sexually assaulted.

The case with the 4-year-old is what inspired him to start his own law firm to help people who had been sexually assaulted. Jeff Herman is now the founder and managing partner of Herman Law where he brings justice to victims of sexual violence. He has helped thousands of people get the justice that they have longed to receive. If it weren’t for the 4-year-old boy being abused at school, he wouldn’t have discovered his passion for being justice to sexual assault victims. Jeff Herman has one of the most successful sexual assault law firms in the country. He became profitable after starting his firm because he had prior knowledge of the law and a strong desire to give peace to the families that had been harmed. Jeff Herman has changed the lives of many people by following his heart as it relates to sexual violence victims.

Several Things to Do Near Fagali Airport

So, firstly nearby there is the: Fiafia Night, which is: #1 of 1 Concerts & Shows in Apia, and has more than 101 positive reviews, and is located at: Beach Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is about 0.2 miles from the Airport.

Next, there is the: Samoa Dive and Snorkel, which is categorized as: #1 of 19 Tours in Apia, and has more than 97 positive online reviews, and is located at: Cross Island Road, Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is 1.8 miles from the Airport. Third, next best thing to do nearby the Fagali Airport would be: Samoa Cultural Village, which is categorized as: #1 of 42 things to do in Apia, has more than 246 positive reviews online, and is located at: Beach Rd, Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is about 2.2 miles from the Airport.

Fourth best thing to do near the Fagali Airport would have to be the: Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral, that is categorized as: #2 of 42 things to do in Apia; it has more than 237 reviews online, and is located at: Main Beach Road, Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is about 2.2 miles from Fagali I Airport.

Next best thing to do on the list near the fugal Airport would have to be the: Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, and it is categorized as: #3 of 42 things to do in Apia, has over 965 positive online reviews, and is located at: Vailima, Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is about 3.2 miles from the Airport. The next best thing to do near the Airport would have to be: Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, categorized as: #5 of 42 things to do in Apia, has more than 359 reviews that are positive online, and is located at: Apia Harbour, Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is about 1.8 miles from the Airport.

The next best thing to do near the airport would have to be: Back Of The Ute Samoa, which is categorized as: #3 of 19 Tours in Apia, has more than 45 positive reviews online, and is located at: Apia, Upolu Samoa, and is about 2.1 miles from the Airport. Next, would be: Yoga Hiking Tours, which is categorized as: #5 of 19 Tours in Apia, has over 30 positive online reviews, and is located at Apia, Upolu Samoa, which is actually about 1.4 miles from Fagali I Airport.

Fagali Airport info: www.booking.com/place/ws-1307199.pt-br.html

Securus Technologies Now Detect Drones

Who Is Technologies; Technology Expert

There has been an increased need for extra security features at correctional facilities around the nation, as more law enforcement personnel are declining to work in corrections. More correctional officers don’t feral the pay ya worth the risk in daily operations at a facility. Thus, a need to keep the current staff safe along with the inmates led for a need for creative technology solutions. Securus Technologies was able to step in with many technologically sound features jay minimize the amount of manpower and paperwork being processed within the facility.

NEW! Securus Technologies; Drone Detection

The new drone detection technology detects drones that are meant to deliver contraband to a facility. Their technology will locate unauthorized activity flying above the grounds of the institution and immediately disable it mid-flight. The hyperactive technology is just one of their latest technology solutions to increased crime in a correctional facility. Get the benefits of knowing your facility can still thrive and keep its inhabitants safe with an advanced technological solution from Securus. The new drone detection model is set to be released in a few months and includes some o their very latest technology.

Securus Wireless Containment Technology

Securus is always creating new technology to secure inmate communications. Their CEO, Rick A. Smith understands many facility related crimes start at the start of inmate communication with the outside. Not all inmates commit crimes beyond their incarceration, while others do. The wireless containment technology is meant to intercept the illegal interception o cellphone use in an institution. Securus will use this technology to remotely access crime within the facility without the need for extra law enforcement personnel needed. The additional facility monitoring will stop employee related crimes by 36% at even the toughest facility.

Who Is Securus Technologies

Securus is the leaders in inmate telecommunications. They allow their customers to participate in a quality network with many services unmatched by their competitors. For example, an inmate an email to let them know how you plan to prepare for their current trial for a small fee. Customers can also enjoy remote visitation, stamp bundles, inmate photos, and more. You must be eighteen or older to use Securus Technologies features and have a valid method. Get an advanced technological solution to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility.

Are you currently paying outrageous fees with your current inmate provider? Securus has arranged a web portal with customer support features allowing you to discuss your account or register for services with a live customer service support professional. Get the services and features that are guaranteed to keep you connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility over a quality network.

Continued Sucess With OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions History & Practice

With the amount of success that the company OSI Food Solutions has achieved thus far, they truly have set the standard for that it means to be an effective company in the United States of America. The company, which is a meat processing company based in Chicago, has made a great reputation for themselves by providing processed meat to what are the largest retail and food service industries in America. By being apart of such competitive industries in the food and business industries, it says a lot about OSI and how they have managed to be a leading company over the years. In addition, when you consider the fact that they have operated since the early 1900’s, there is no getting around the fact that they know how to stand the test of time and be successful. In a way, that fact makes it easier to understand how they are such a prosperous company. With that said, it is also easy to see how much they have been awarded and recognized for their great contributions to the food and business industries. Since their beginning days until now, OSI Food Solutions has been given countless awards and recognition for their valued efforts. Needless to say, this just adds more to an already great amount of credit given to this company. In fact, to further understand how fortunate and flourishing this company has managed to become over the years, here is more on just one of many awards that they have been given.

Winning The 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

As mentioned before, OSI Food Solutions has been recognized with numerous awards, however, perhaps none of them have been as satisfying as their most recent recognition. That award was none other than being given the Globe of Honor by the British Council in 2016. With the amount of hard work and dedication that OSI Food Solutions has shown over the years, the British Council thought they were more than deserving of this award and more. In reality, this could not be truer of OSI Food Solutions. When all is set in done, this company will still be at the top of their respective field as they have shown to be over the course of a century. Simply put, OSI Food Solutions is more than deserving of all the recognition they receive today.

Desiree Perez Negoiates Multi-Million Dollar Contracts For Roc Nation

Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez gets credit for the steamrolling momentum that she, Shawn Carter, and Jay Brown have created and maintained. Founded by Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter in 2008, Roc Nation is an entertainment company based in New York City. Desiree Perez, or ‘Des’ as Shawn Carter refers to her, is a trusted associate of Carter and longtime friend. He believes that Perez has the professional knowledge necessary to provide exceptional management services to Roc Nation’s roster of superstar clients. Desiree Perez proved her skills when she landed the $200 million TIDAL investment deal from Sprint that was confirmed in January of 2017. 33% of TIDAL was exchanged for the investment. Jay-Z reaped the benefits of that deal by earning a platinum plaque when the June 2017 release of 4:44 album promoted one million free digital downloads that were sponsored by Sprint. Another landmark contract negotiated by Perez is the Live Nation touring partnership. Live Nation is an equity partner and has signed a long-term contract of $200 million with Jay-Z as a music artist.

Roc Nation offers full-service talent management to musicians, actresses, songwriters and producers including:

  • Rihanna
  • J. Cole
  • DJ Khaled
  • Fabulous
  • Shakira

Athletes are managed within the subdivision Roc Nation Sports. Some of the professional sports athletes are:

  • Kevin Durant
  • Jaelen Strong
  • CJ Prosise
  • Dez Bryant
  • Geno Smith

Roc Nation will celebrate a decade of entertainment management in 2018, and is still proud of the outstanding sales of 4:44. Roc Nation offers brand development, tour management and booking, artist development, music publishing, and project production.


Ronald Fowlkes and Tactical Gear Wisdom

There are many applications for tactical gear products in this day and age. People who want to learn about these uses, however, always benefit from in-depth training sessions. Eagle Industries Unlimited employees who want to learn about proper product use often work alongside a man who is known as Ronald Fowlkes. They may even call him “Ronnie,” his nickname. Fowlkes lives in St. Louis, Missouri and has been handling all kinds of training responsibilities for Eagle Industries Unlimited since back in 2008. It’s critical for people to never assume that his career started then, however. He was already a veteran in his career at that point.


Guessing games can be a headache for people who need to use tactical gear products the right way. That’s why they can get a lot out of comprehensive training sessions. Fowlkes takes on high-quality training sessions for the employees who work for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He’s qualified to tackle training duties for a couple big reasons. He, first of all, has a great background in the use of all kinds of tools. He knows his way around gear products that encompass many sectors. He’s worked for the military in the United States. He’s worked for law enforcement divisions in big cities. This is only where his career started.


People who need to understand tactical gear items in great detail should never waste their time guessing or anticipating anything. If they take the time to work alongside Fowlkes, they can get on track quickly and easily. They can save themselves from all kinds of frustrating errors and obstacles, too. Guessing how to use tactical training products can be unrealistic and overwhelming for anyone. Fowlkes’ training abilities can eliminate guesswork. These abilities can eliminate mistakes of all varieties.


Fowlkes encounters all kinds of useful and practical products in his career. He frequently works with ballistic collars, tactical carriers, plate pockets and beyond. People who want to learn about sturdy and durable tactical vests can ask Fowlkes all of the right questions. This is a person who possesses strong armor carrier knowledge, too. He understands how strong throat guards work. He knows how to help people who plan on employing outer tactical vests, deltoid protectors and more regularly.


Fowlkes truly adores working for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He wakes up each morning with a spring in his step. No one else is more fit for work at Eagle Industries Unlimited than he is. He regularly learns more about tactical gear products and their latest developments and enhancements. He likes to keep his knowledge fresh and current as can be. People who ask Fowlkes questions never have to worry about getting things wrong in any way. He adores accuracy.


Arpaio will one day face justice

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are committed to making Sheriff Joe Arpaio face justice for the crimes he has committed. Both of these two proud Americans see it as their God-given duty to expose the crimes this vindictive man commits on a daily basis.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin believe that the best way to make Sheriff Joe Arpaio face justice is to reveal his crimes to the American population through their Village Voice Media. They have published several articles detailing his crimes in 17 different publications that go from coast-to-coast.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio fondly calls himself America’s Toughest Sheriff. While it is true that he is tough on immigration, he is also extremely brutal and downright humiliating to the people who are placed in his prison system.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio routinely forces brand-new inmates to wear pink underwear and girls panties in order for older inmates to target them for prison rape. His jails fail health inspections nearly every month due to the fact that feces is spread all over the walls and floors, and the cafeteria serves moldy food that is long past expiration date. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

Of course, this is not even close to the worst crimes that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done. Sheriff Arpaio runs his own concentration camp.

This is not something that I am making up for rhetorical flourish; it is something Sheriff Arpaio himself admits to. This concentration camp prison often goes up to 135°F. Once it hits that temperature, the security guards will refuse to give inmates water, and many of them suffer heatstroke from dehydration. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_ and https://michael-lacey.com/

There are also heart wrenching stories coming from that concentration camp prison speaking of how women went into labor but were refused medical attention. They gave birth to their babies right in their jail cells, and many of them died because they could not see a doctor.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also found evidence that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was responsible for hundreds of wrongful deaths in his prison system. There are reports of people with medical conditions dying because their medication was refused.

They also found evidence that Hispanics had died from suffocation. This occurred because security guards would put washcloths into the mouths of Latinos and then put chains around their faces. This would cause them to asphyxiate.

Perhaps some of the most devastating are the various “suicides by hanging” which seemed to occur in Arpaio’s jail system on a routine basis. When the coroners examined the bodies, they were all agreed that there was no way these jail inmates were able to do this all by themselves. They had to have help from the outside.

When Sheriff Joe Arpaio read all of this in the newspapers he gathered his men to go and illegally detain Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. He got into unmarked black SUVs that had Mexico plates on them and pulled up to the homes of these two brave men and brought them to the concentration camp to suffer.

Van Wijkvliet Praises NewsWatch

Natalie Van Wijkvliet from Avanca and Ockel Computers took some time to talk about her company’s experience with NewsWatch. She had nothing but beautiful things to say about her experience with the team there. Nathalie is not a first-time client of NewsWatch. She was actually on her second time using their services when she decided to take some time to comment on her experience.


Nathalie talked about the different devices that she was currently promoting. She talked about some of the headsets and mobile-device friendly technology that her company offers. Among those items, she mentioned some wireless sports headphones that can be very useful for fitness ventures. The interviewer then thanked her for her participating and for speaking a kind word about the business.


Nathalie said that both of her experiences with NewsWatch were positive, and she would have no trouble seeking help from them again. She specifically mentioned that the team was great. She also talked about all the support that she was able to receive from the professionals who helped with her crowdfunding campaign and the promotion of such a campaign. Thirdly, she complimented the interviewer and put a smile on his face as she did so. Nathalie thought NewsWatch was very beneficial to helping gather the profits that her company received for its venture. She, as well as many other people that have worked with NewsWatch, thinks that it is an amazing asset to the community.


NewsWatch is a television show that helps to connect people with information about technology, celebrity news and other relevant information. Michelle Ison and Anthony Tropeano are the hosts of this television show.


NewsWatch is a widely trusted source of information about society and its advances. It also helps businesses to promote their goods and services and raise funds for their projects.


Realistic Expectations for Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures in Dallas

The Brazilian butt lift is most ideal if you’ve lost a lot of weight but can’t seem to get your buttocks back in shape. It may also be right for you if you’re not happy with the way that your back sides look and even diet and exercise hasn’t been able to shape them. The Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that’s designed to have noticeable but not drastic effects on your backside. You can arrange to have it performed alone or with other procedures.


Patients who do qualify for the surgery must be at a stable weight as fluctuation can have reversing effects on the results. You also can’t currently have a weight loss plan in mind as they could also interfere with the results. If you do smoke, you will need to refrain for a prescribed time before the procedure. You will also be asked to refrain from excessive alcohol as that puts on weight. Candidates in Dallas are also expected to be in general good health, be healthy psychologically and have realistic expectations of the procedure.


Like all surgeries, Brazilian butt lifts are not without their risks. Again, the procedure is most ideal if you’ve tried to tone your buttocks and back with diet and exercise and it hasn’t worked. If you have sagging skin, you may need to have the traditional procedure first. The traditional procedure is the one with the significant effects. If you have fat deposits that just aren’t going away, the Brazilian butt lift can be performed with other procedures such as liposuction.