Kenneth Goodgame Lives Retail Merchandising with Great Success

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly motivated and influential leader in the operations management field. He has raised the industry to an art by creating millions and billions of dollars OEM excellence using innovative solutions. He utilizes a combination of marketing skills that include streamlined financial oversight and expert business savvy.

From day one he has been successful in every endeavor he has undertaken by focusing on delivering quality assurance systems, employee engagement, corporate alignment and key performance indicators. Goodgame promotes growth by way of exceptional and exuberant leadership, reading the market and making improvements as necessary and employing effective and comprehensive cost analysis. His ability to read market shifts and trends has allowed Goodgame to avoid costly pitfalls that others in his industry tend to miss or misinterpret.

After earning a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Kenneth Goodgame embarked on a career in retail merchandising moving up the ladder of success by developing successful strategies that gave him and his employee’s greater latitude of success. With every step up the ladder of success, Goodgame brought greater profitability along with a wider range of products. He turned around lethargic sales teams with innovative strategies and was responsible for overall growth for the companies he worked for.

Goodgame brought all his talents together as a Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Hardware Corporation. He developed retail programs that increased the customer base as well as boosting sales. He created and implemented multi-year comprehensive plans that delivered short term goals, as well as long term growth plans. He built high energy sales teams and a company culture that supported the high energy. He brought in sales teams that possessed broad product expertise and improved line reviews that brought about a dramatic improvement in company savings.

Goodgame always brought his A-Game when developing and launching marketing strategies, print advertising, pricing and global resourcing.

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