Why Goullet’s Merger with Diversant is Welcome News

Mr John Goullet is a person whose repute has been known far and wide. He is known to be one of those entrepreneurs who have luck in whatever they set out to do. From the positions he has held before up to now, he has had a very good track record when it comes to delivery of services and excellence. He currently serves as the Principal executive at a company which is known as Diversant LLC. The company has a long history and it is performing very highly thanks to its ale management and advisory board. John Goullet sits on the board of the company too.

For those who do not know John Goullet, he started out as an entrepreneurship right from the beginning. In 1994, John Goullet formed his company which was known as Info Technologies. The company was founded with the aim of offering staffing services for Fortune 500 companies which needed such services. However, before founding the company, he was an IT staffing executive and an accountant. Before, then, he was simply an IT consultant. When he decided to form his company, he was looking at the IT market and its challenges. He wanted to offer solutions to the IT world and especially the Fortune 500 companies who needed to staff IT experts.

What john Goullet does, and which sets him apart from his competitors in the market, is that he puts major focus on the kind of work his client does.  This way, the client gets the best match for the required job. In considering this factors, Goullet normally looks at the size of the company of his client and the kind of job which the IT expert will have to do.

After graduating from the University of Ursinus, Goullet went on to work for various companies before he formed his own. The merger between Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies is welcome news for everyone who benefits from Goullet’s services.

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