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Pick a Color, Any Color


Doe Deere is a woman of limitless colors, tastes and likes, not to mention that she now stands as a top global fashion and cosmetics guru. Her business, Lime Crime, sells to millions through online and in-store purchases and is even available on most social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Snap Chat are blessed to have her. Both her hair and her products are often displayed in numerous colors, which mainly include lime green, blue, pink, purple or a rainbow mix of each; she is as creative as her products, and that’s an understatement. She is, in fact, the Queen of Creative Fashion and, as her fans like to call her, the Queen of All Unicorns Everywhere. Her devoted followers are Unicorns as well.


BFF’S or Best Friends Forever


Let’s Be Best Friends Forever, or Let’s Be BFF’S, is what it’s all about. This is Doe’s email list in which all subscribers will receive new tips and tricks, styles, color preferences, online or mail-in catalogs, fashion advice, vlogs and more. You may even see where the next local event may be and when as well as what Doe has been up to in the last few days. You may also see what new products are available or which will hit the market soon as well as what’s currently trending in fashion and cosmetics. Plus, see where the action is at in line-ups and even coupon offers or online discounts. Sign up today so that you don’t miss out on the next best thing or even to see what color Doe will apply to her hair next.


Publicity – The Public Loves Her, and They Won’t Stop Loving Her


She is bold. She is sexy. She is unique and comes with her own class of flair. This one-of-a-kind leader will not be found anywhere else, and that’s a promise. She is one of a rare kind, a wild spirit loved by beauty and the public eye.


In fact, one of the aspects that drive the media and fans everywhere crazy is her continual need to mix it up; she never leaves things in static, for that would be boring to all who are watching. She not only changes her hair color and product line-up  continually but also her personal life style. This sensational woman captures the essence of living life on the edge.


Visit www.doedeere.com for more details.


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  1. You would believe with me that when it comes to colors, no one is as crazy as Doe Deere. That is why how to do meditation at home for beginners video really pointed things that one should be involved in as a beginner even without the presence of any tutor. Wow, Deere has got the perfect color combination to give you what you would cherish for years to come, she is good at this and thus her fans always appreciates making her millions of followers.

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