Mike Heiligenstein’s Contribution in Decongesting Texas

Mike Heiligenstein is well-known for his remarkable leadership skills. He is currently the leader of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The company was formed back in 2002 as an in depended company as far as the government is concerned. The major dealings of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority are based on transportation. Mike Heiligenstein became the leader of the agency in 2003, and that’s when it began operating. He was chosen to be the head by the board of the company for his important leadership skills. Heiligenstein has built his reputation over the past years by serving the people of Texas diligently and honestly. The people of Williamson County in Texas enjoyed 23 years of his leadership as an official. During this time, Mike developed projects for transportation that saw the economy grow in a great way.


Besides that, he ran water projects to make sure that people access clean water as well as making sure that dirty water systems are up to standard. After a series of good leadership, he was selected as the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA).The position was given to him by the national peers for the confidence they had in him. In parallel to this, the Texas advisory council for A&M Transportation Institute enjoys his services as a member. Several other committees in Texas as well can testify his good work since he is also a well-known member. Texas’ Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Task Force among others is a good example of such organizations


Apart from being a leader, Heiligenstein is a legendary advisor on matters related to transportation agency and other infrastructure issues. Looking for solutions to various infrastructure problems is one of the things Mike does best. With Master’s Degrees in Government administration as well as Business Administration, Heiligenstein is one of the best well-matched experts on management issues. Matters that generate significant challenges include road networks, traffic jams, and many others. Heiligenstein has worked tirelessly with organizations and countries that have engaged him, and positive results have been recorded. Because of Mike’s brainpower alongside other likeminded professors, Texas is highly ranked on transport infrastructure. Foreign countries have found trust and confidence to engage Mike for so many years as compared the past. Mike is still very engaged in present days to see that more countries enjoy efficient transport infrastructure. Testimonies from the countries he has served in the past serve as a large platform to help more countries now and in the days to come.

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Will the Browns attempt to gain even more picks?

Many fantasy sports players find themselves engulfed in setting MLB lineups during this time of year. However, there are a select few that continue to grind ahead to the upcoming NFL season in attempt to find the key to a fantasy football championship season. Part of the grind is following up with the additions teams will make at the NFL draft on Thursday, 27 April. The intrigue begins right out of the gate with the decision the Cleveland Browns will make with the first pick of the draft. Some project the Browns to take defensive end Myles Garrett, others believe Mitchell Trubisky will be the choice, and some analysts see them trading down to accumulate even more draft picks as was the case in the 2016 draft.


There is certainly a case to accumulate more picks since all will agree that the Browns are nowhere near close to becoming a playoff team this year or next. By trading down, the Browns would still have a first round pick (swapping with whomever decides to deal with them) while gaining more than likely another second rounder. This would give the Browns seven picks in the first three rounds which they could bring onboard names such as tight end O.J. Howard, Leonard Fournette, Marshon Lattimore, Reuben Foster in the first round, Joe Mixon, Bubba Baker, Marcus Williams, and Montravious Adams all of which would bolster their tight end, running back, cornerback, safety, linebacker, and defensive end needs. Either way they decide to slice it up, this is the most important draft the Browns have had in decades.


The Lifeline Screening Process Promotes Wellness And Good Health Practices

The Lifeline Screening Company provides a much-needed service which allows individuals to have tests at moderate prices that will provide information about their health. Most of the tests that are provided are not usually available at the local doctor’s office or emergency center. The equipment used is usually only available in hospitals or testing centers.

Many of the ailments that are discovered when these screening tests are done do not have symptoms that would be readily recognized by a patient. A good example of this is atrial fibrillation that is discovered by the limited electrocardiograph. A-Fib, as it is called, is an irregular heartbeat the can cause blood clots to form, thus increasing the risk of stroke. Many patients have no noticeable symptoms, but they could be in great jeopardy with this condition.

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The blood test only requires a few drops of blood from a prick in a finger. An entire lipid blood panel is derived, and the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol are shown. Also, the blood glucose levels are revealed which helps to diagnose diabetes as are liver enzyme levels, which are indicative of liver disease.

The ultrasound testing is the same test as pregnant moms have done to determine the sex of their baby. A sound wave is directed at the part of the body where information is needed, and a live picture of the internal organs is portrayed. This is very valuable because an ultrasound test can show the blood flow inside of an artery, such as the aorta and the carotid arteries. It can also show the bone density of a person which is vital in determining if a person has osteoporosis.

All of the information that is derived from the screenings of Lifeline Screening is made available to a patient’s personal physician, so appropriate treatment can be given if the tests indicate it is appropriate.

Learn more about Lifeline Screening: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Life-Line-Screening-Salaries-E647033.htm