Get Your Hands On These Limited Edition EOS Lip Balms

EOS is known for offering a variety of lip balms, from the Vanilla Mint to the Pomegranate Raspberry. The brand is also known for offering limited edition packs. Limited edition products are usually gone once they sell out, so you may want to get your hands on these limited edition lip balms from EOS.

Spring 2017 Limited Edition: This limited edition lip balm is out just in time for the spring season. It is a two-pack that features the new Cucumber Melon flavor. The flavor is present without being too strong, and the spheres come in bright green and pink to fit the season, learn more facts here on

Smooth Sphere/Smooth Stick Multipack: This limited edition set features popular flavors in sphere and stick form. You can carry the Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint smooth spheres in your bag, you could try this out. The Vanilla Bean smooth stick is designed to fit inside your pocket. It is easy to detect the flavor of each lip balm, but they are not strong to the point of feeling sick.

Holiday Limited Edition: Whether you are stocking up or gift shopping, this limited edition set is perfect for the holidays. It is a two-pack that features the popular Vanilla Bean and recently released Winterberry. You can taste the sweet flavor of each lip balm without feeling overwhelmed. Check this out,

EOS has been a big part of the beauty world since 2009. The brand is famous for creating products that are healthy, effective and stylish. You can find lip balm, body lotion, hand lotion and shaving cream online and in retail stores. Whether you are using Passion Fruit lip balm or Lavender Jasmine shaving cream, every product from EOS can be used as part of your daily routine.

It is best to get your hands on these limited edition EOS lip balms before they are gone for good.

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EOS Becomes Staple In Beauty World

Evolution of Smooth quickly made a name for itself thanks to its highly effective and colorful lip balm pots. These lip balms continue to grow more and more popular as EOS releases new products. One of the newest and most loved products is the Active Protection Lip Balm Line. The Fresh Grapefruit flavor in particular is a fan favorite but the Lime Twist is favorite of many as well, watch it here on for more details. It works to nourish dry and cracked lips with its soothing ingredients. The moisture is absorbed and then sealed inside the lips for prolonged moisture. The Active Protection Lips Balms also come with SPF 30 in order to provide your lips with the maximum amount of protection. The skin on the lips is extremely thin and sensitive, yet most people forget to protect them against the sun. This lip balm solves that problem while also providing a solution for dry and dehydrated lips. The Fresh Grapefruit flavor is energizing and tastes good too. The balm is made from jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E. These ingredients soften your lips and the added sunscreen protects them against the sun’s harmful rays. Be informed with the latest trend here on

EOS is a reputable brand dedicated to providing the best products for their customers. At their beginning, EOS noticed that the lip balms on the market were full of harsh ingredients and had a boring and clinical appearance. They set out to create a convenient lip balm that promotes healthy and beautiful lips. Despite the lip balm market already being oversaturated, EOS found great success upon the release of their pots of lip balm that came in variety of delicious flavors. Soon celebrities started sporting EOS and the fire only spread faster from there. Since the company is dedicated to using organic and natural ingredients, you can feel good about putting it on your skin.

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The Situations Where US Money Reserve Can Help You

US Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX and is a company that takes pride in guiding customers in gold and silver coins and bullion acquisitions. They’re the largest privately-owned precious metals distribution company and they have an excellent track record in product delivery. They were the company that hosted the national television event “2016 Gold Summit” during which Michael Reagan spoke.

They also decided to recreate their website to make it more appealing for younger customers and bring about a more interactive interface to browse through. Any computer or mobile device can be used to access the website and make purchases of precious metals.

The most important part to US Money Reserve’s business is making sure everyone understands the importance of gold and silver. Throughout the history of the world, fiat currency has always undergone changes, and time and time again gold and silver have been the currency governments have always returned to. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The United States is currently facing over $19 trillion in debt and with what experts call the “bubble” hanging over the nation in great weight, gold and silver are the best choices to own should the US dollar crash. US Money Reserve has gold and silver of all kinds of bullion that can be purchased now and bought back when the time is right to do so.

One reason US Money Reserve has grown into the premier company it has is because of their President Philip N. Diehl. Diehl became the expert he has thanks to his years as US Mint Director, and prior to that as a managing accountant at the Texas Comptroller.

Not only did Diehl keep the US Mint up to speed with its current production, he maximized it so that computer systems and automated technology actually made it profitable by the billions of dollars that were in turn returned to taxpayers.

Even though Diehl isn’t at the Mint any longer, he’s remained committed to customers first and making sure they are not lacking in excellent service. As part of the US Money Reserve’s commitment to great customer service they have provided information kits on purchasing precious metals as well as putting IRAs in gold and silver.

US Reserve also has a guided system for people who need a little extra assistance through Client-Connect Advantage, a live chat that’s also available for offline use. To see more on their website’s new look and find out how gold and silver can really work for you, visit

EOS Provides a Variety of Healthy, Appealing Lip Balm Varieties

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a new company compared to lip balm brands that have been around for decades like Blistex or Chapstick. However, the company has grown significantly in the last seven years, and is now the second best selling lip balm in America. It is even projected that EOS will be one of the key brands in the growth of the lip balm industry, which is expected to be worth around $2 billion by the year 2020. EOS has even gained popularity among celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, and a number of world famous magazines have featured EOS on their pages, visit similar story at

EOS provides a number of lip balm flavors that are filled with ingredients that protect and improve the texture of the lips such as shea butter and vitamin E. Vanilla Mint and traditional Vanilla are favorites during the holiday season, and Strawberry Sorbet is commonly seen at Target and Walmart locations where EOS products are sold. Summer Fruits is another EOS lip balm flavor that sells well during the warmer months of the year, and Honeysuckle Honeydew is a favorite among customers who like lip balms that are both fruity and floral.

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In addition to lip balms, Evolution of Smooth also sells shaving creams and hand lotions with skin conditioning ingredients including cocoa butter and fruit extracts, view it!

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Jason Hope, the Internet of Things, and What it All Means.

Whether or not most people realize it, we are living in an increasingly digital world. What we mean by that is simple: the internet is here and it is here to change the way we live our lives. This has given rise to a concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has been around for a little while now and the most vocal advocate and supporter of this growing concept is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a futurist, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who is literally changing the world with his work. Right now Hope is attaching himself to the Internet of Things while raising the alarm as to just how integral it will become.

When talking about burgeoning technology there are many different industries you can discuss. The Internet of Things surpasses them all, according to Jason Hope. The Internet of Things is how we are going to be living our lives going forward into the future. The Internet of Things, of course, refers to the way that the internet interacts with our day to day lives. In the Internet of Things we can see that phones, cars, streetlights, and even clothing is connected to and operating off of the internet. There are very real reasons to believe that our whole world could soon be on some sort of networked grid, and that is pretty important according to Jason Hope.

We can easily describe how the Internet of Things will bring change to an urban city. We can see how public transport would benefit directly from having the internet download up to the minute traffic data. We can also see how it would be important for emergency response teams. Imagine being able to have police officers, ambulances, and fire trucks all getting to their destination even faster. These are lives being saved and Jason Hope believes that this is only the beginning.Jason Hope on Facebook and also well known around the industry for his work as a futurist and a writer. He is also the founder of the SENS Foundation which is focused on progressive technology. You can bet that Hope and the SENS Foundation are keeping a close eye on the IoT. Follow him on twitter :

Revitalize the Look and Feel of Your Lips with EOS

EOS lip balm was founded by Craig Dubitsky, a former commodity trader and business owner who now runs the company Hello – an oral hygiene establishment. While he is no longer affiliated with the company, it was through his entrepreneurial ingenuity that a product that can attract a wide audience was brought to formation, refer to this link,

Who doesn’t recognize the multi-colored pods at the supermarket anymore? While EOS has grown rapidly in its popularity in only a few short years, not everyone may know that those three letters stands for the “Evolution of Smooth.” It’s aptly named, since the company aims to provide nothing but delicious flavors for their customers to enjoy, all while revitalizing the look and feel of their lips with useful ingredients like vitamin E & C, shea butter, and other natural ingredients that you skin absolutely loves.

There are pages of positive reviews raving about these pods and how they’ve changed the way individuals can express themselves better through their flavor choices. Hop over now. Whether you like something a little fruity to taste and smell during the day, such as Raspberry Pomegranate, or are more of a fan of flavors that are subtle, like creamy Coconut Milk, there’s likely a flavor offered by EOS to suit your individual flair. Check this amazing video on

The success of EOS is all thanks to their dedicated fan base and a passion to bring a trending and likable product that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you are middle aged or a teen, there is likely a flavor through EOS that will strike your fancy. The most popular flavor absolutely has to be Sweet Mint, though whether that’s due to a wide variety of people loving the cooling feeling of mint on their lips or whether it’s due to the package’s likable seafoam green-blue color, it’s still considered one of EOS’s best sellers during all seasons of the year.

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Highland Capital’s $1 Million Challenge is on

A co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero announced that the company donated $1 million to The Family Place to help victims of family Violence in Texas. Highland Capital is an established investment firm that offers an assortment of services, including financial advisory, investment management, and banking. The company has a subsidiary organization known as the Highland Dallas Foundation. Through this organization, Highland Capital LLC will match 50% of the funds raised for The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign.



As of October 2016, The Family Place had managed to raise over $200,000. The foundation has set its target at $16 million. The money raised through the campaign will go into the construction of the Dallas Counseling Center. This facility will offer accommodation to the victims of family violence. It will also house teen dating violence victims, pets of the victims and bullying victims. Many people in Texas have lauded the support that Highland Capital Management has offered to The Family Place. Mike Rawlings, the mayor of Dallas, expressed his appreciation for Highland Capital’s role in the Legacy Campaign. He believes that the programs will help many families in Texas.



About James Dondero



James Dondero is Highland Capital’s president and collaborative founder. His company is a leading service provider in the banking sector, and it has grown tremendously over the years. It serves international and local clients from different industries. Dondero has worked in the field of financial management for more than three decades. His vast experience has enabled Highland Capital to become a successful enterprise. James oversees the management of the investment portfolios at the company. Highland Capital concentrates on private equity funds, collateral obligations, and hedge funds.



James Dondero has been the cornerstone of Highland’s operations for many years. Under his leadership, the company has generated a lot of income, and the performance of the employees has improved. Mr. Dondero is an alumnus of the University of Virginia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Commerce. His leadership prowess has earned him a position as a director in large companies like MGM Studios and the American Banknote. James Dondero is also a giver. He does a lot of charity work when he’s not working.


Sam Tabar is Now Leading Marketing To Clean Energy Investors

Sam Tabar has changed career focus many times in the financial world from legal, to asset management, seed funding and now energy investing. He recently accepted the Chief Operating Officer position at FullCycle Energy Fund, an alternative energy holdings company that works with both public and private sector energy initiatives.

Tabar will bring his knowledge of investment strategies and international marketing to the company and help spread the message of how profitable waste-to-energy investments can be. He’ll be working with CEO Ibrahim Al Houssini and Managing Partner Caitlin Sparks at this firm. FullCycle Energy Fund is also backed by the Clinton Global Initiative and several other clean energy foundations.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar’s original goal was to join the ranks of famous corporate lawyers at the outset of his career. He studied liberal arts at Oxford University and then attended law school at Columbia University where he also contributed to the Columbia Law Review.

He was hired at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, Flom & Associates upon graduating Columbia and he became experienced in corporate law. He especially knew how to cater to hedge fund clients and had tremendous knowledge of SEC regulations that Sparx PMA Group asked him to come join their management team only three years into his law career.

Sam Tabar stayed at Sparx/PMA for about 8 years starting out as a general counsel, and then moving up to Managing Director and Head of Marketing. Tabar made institutional investors the primary target of PMA, and most of the funds he managed dealt with included endowments, scholarships and foundation funds.

He helped grow the company’s assets under management into the billions and his legal knowledge helped guide them through complex situations. According to, Sam Tabar continued catering to the billionaire investors when he moved on to Merrill Lynch and became the Manager of their Capital Strategy division.

Tabar only stayed with Merrill Lynch for one year and decided to quit the grind of investment banking. He became interested in investing in startup companies including an international women’s lingerie company known as SheThinx.

He considered once again becoming a lawyer and joined Schulte & Roth, but decided to leave that profession again one year later. He has big plans currently for FullCycle Energy Fund.

Perfect Wedding Video and Photography

For a perfect wedding, you need to look for a great photography and video company; this ascertains that you can keep the memories. Some of the considerations should include the reputation and the location, thus ascertaining that you can find the best available. Amongst the most prominent wedding video and photography companies is George Street Photo and Video. Through them, you will ensure that you can have everything captured in a video and numerous photos; nonetheless, attain the quality that you would like.

When choosing your venue, you have to be precise on the details you expect, you will save more on money since George Street Photo and Video is available in most locations. For each location, you are assured that you can attain the best, meaning that you do get to be surfeited. Amongst some locations in which you can have your wedding is Atlanta or even Austin, both of which George Street Photo and Video is available.

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End Citizens United: The Voice of Average American Voters

The role of money in US congressional elections has long been a matter of grave concern for average Americans. The famous Supreme Court Case, Citizens United v. F.E.C., brought this matter to the forefront of the American politics. The landmark decision in this case by the Supreme Court served to encourage the involvement of money in elections and gave it a legal cover.


To counter this phenomenon, the End Citizens United (ECU) was established by a group of concerned political activists in 2015. The End Citizens United is a traditional Political Action Committee that thrives on grassroots funding and participation. The Political Action Committee aims to deracinate the menace of campaign finance in elections. Through financing campaigns for congressional candidates, business magnates and corporate leaders influence the electoral process in a way that they help elect their favorite candidates who in turn legislate to protect the corporate interests of the financiers. This has come to be a serious flaw in the electoral system.


Recently, the ECU has launched its Rob Quist Campaign against the involvement of big money interests in Montana. The ECU started a fund-raising program for the Rob Quist Campaign. According a press release published by the ECU, the grassroots members of the Political Action Committee have contributed $200,000 to Rob Quist campaign. The huge sum of $200,000 was made possible by small donations by the members in which every member contributed an average $16.Last month the ECU had given its endorsement to Rob Quist for the special elections in Montana. The grassroots members have been seen to raising funds for Rob Quist because they believed him to be the independent representative for their city. In this election, Rob Quist is contesting the election against Greg Gianforte. It is believed that Greg Gianforte is heavily relying on the financing of special interest groups and big businessmen to activate his election campaign.


The ECU endorsed Rob Quist has been able to raise a huge amount of funding from the campaign’s grassroots members in just a few days, particularly after a secret tape of his opponent, Gianforte, was leaked in which Gianforte was heard supporting an anti people House Bill on health.


Apart from other progressive groups supporting Rob Quist, the ECU is the largest supporter with a large number of members in Montana. The ECU has some 14,000 members in Montana, who have passionately supported Rob Quist and his election campaign. The ECU has pledged to continue its support for Rob Quist with the help of both its local volunteers and its thousands of small donors across the country. The members of the ECU have become active in bringing forth the negative aspects of Gianforte campaign. Moreover, the ECU has also filed a Finance Election Campaign petition against Gianforte.


The ECU is fighting for reforming the flawed electoral system and with the support of its grassroots members, the Political Action Committee is gaining success across the U.S.