End Citizens United: The Voice of Average American Voters

The role of money in US congressional elections has long been a matter of grave concern for average Americans. The famous Supreme Court Case, Citizens United v. F.E.C., brought this matter to the forefront of the American politics. The landmark decision in this case by the Supreme Court served to encourage the involvement of money in elections and gave it a legal cover.


To counter this phenomenon, the End Citizens United (ECU) was established by a group of concerned political activists in 2015. The End Citizens United is a traditional Political Action Committee that thrives on grassroots funding and participation. The Political Action Committee aims to deracinate the menace of campaign finance in elections. Through financing campaigns for congressional candidates, business magnates and corporate leaders influence the electoral process in a way that they help elect their favorite candidates who in turn legislate to protect the corporate interests of the financiers. This has come to be a serious flaw in the electoral system.


Recently, the ECU has launched its Rob Quist Campaign against the involvement of big money interests in Montana. The ECU started a fund-raising program for the Rob Quist Campaign. According a press release published by the ECU, the grassroots members of the Political Action Committee have contributed $200,000 to Rob Quist campaign. The huge sum of $200,000 was made possible by small donations by the members in which every member contributed an average $16.Last month the ECU had given its endorsement to Rob Quist for the special elections in Montana. The grassroots members have been seen to raising funds for Rob Quist because they believed him to be the independent representative for their city. In this election, Rob Quist is contesting the election against Greg Gianforte. It is believed that Greg Gianforte is heavily relying on the financing of special interest groups and big businessmen to activate his election campaign.


The ECU endorsed Rob Quist has been able to raise a huge amount of funding from the campaign’s grassroots members in just a few days, particularly after a secret tape of his opponent, Gianforte, was leaked in which Gianforte was heard supporting an anti people House Bill on health.


Apart from other progressive groups supporting Rob Quist, the ECU is the largest supporter with a large number of members in Montana. The ECU has some 14,000 members in Montana, who have passionately supported Rob Quist and his election campaign. The ECU has pledged to continue its support for Rob Quist with the help of both its local volunteers and its thousands of small donors across the country. The members of the ECU have become active in bringing forth the negative aspects of Gianforte campaign. Moreover, the ECU has also filed a Finance Election Campaign petition against Gianforte.


The ECU is fighting for reforming the flawed electoral system and with the support of its grassroots members, the Political Action Committee is gaining success across the U.S.