Financial Security Provide by Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a prominent individual who works at AXA Advisors, New York, as the Senior Executive Vice President. Mr. Vincent Parascandola has been in the financial industry for more than 25 years. In the firm, his primary roles are maintaining productivity, training new financial graduates, retention and managing development and sales daily. Vincent attained a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University.

After university, Vincent started his career journey at Prudential in 1987 as an agent. With his hard work, he was granted the National Rookie of the year award at Prudent. In 1990, he joined MONY Life Insurance serving atdifferent working towards the success of the company. In 2004, he decided to join AXA Advisors. He served as the chairperson of the Advantage Group, an AXA Equitable unit. At Advantage Group, he mainly worked towards winning financial professionals and was also a co-manager in its New York Metro branch working with 400 financial professionals.

Moreover, Vincent was the chief sales officer and of the Continental Division of AXA. At AXA Equitable, Mr. Parascandola worked as the president. Therefore before becoming the Senior Executive President, Parascandola served at various positions both locally and internationally, which makes him suitable for the higher position. Check out pocomuseum for more

AXA Advisors is a firm offering financial services for clients. Other than providing financial protection, AXA Advisors provides clients with advice on retirement savings, investments, real estate planning, asset allocation and business ideas and how to implement them. The company is well-known as the first insurance brand globally with a 14% growth rate.

It has mainly spread its services in North America, Asia-Pacific area, Western Europe and in the Middle East. Moreover, AXA Advisors provide charitable acts and artistic initiatives primarily aiming to curb human suffering. In 2008 the company funded a research done on understanding the risks that affect human life and environment. Under Vincent Parascandola’s leadership, AXA Advisors has experienced tremendous achievements in the financial business sector. Vincent Parascandola with the help of his committed employees is passionate about providing his clients with the best services to help secure their financial needs and have knowledge of future planning. Follow him on Facebook


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