Securus Technologies Now Detect Drones

Who Is Technologies; Technology Expert

There has been an increased need for extra security features at correctional facilities around the nation, as more law enforcement personnel are declining to work in corrections. More correctional officers don’t feral the pay ya worth the risk in daily operations at a facility. Thus, a need to keep the current staff safe along with the inmates led for a need for creative technology solutions. Securus Technologies was able to step in with many technologically sound features jay minimize the amount of manpower and paperwork being processed within the facility.

NEW! Securus Technologies; Drone Detection

The new drone detection technology detects drones that are meant to deliver contraband to a facility. Their technology will locate unauthorized activity flying above the grounds of the institution and immediately disable it mid-flight. The hyperactive technology is just one of their latest technology solutions to increased crime in a correctional facility. Get the benefits of knowing your facility can still thrive and keep its inhabitants safe with an advanced technological solution from Securus. The new drone detection model is set to be released in a few months and includes some o their very latest technology.

Securus Wireless Containment Technology

Securus is always creating new technology to secure inmate communications. Their CEO, Rick A. Smith understands many facility related crimes start at the start of inmate communication with the outside. Not all inmates commit crimes beyond their incarceration, while others do. The wireless containment technology is meant to intercept the illegal interception o cellphone use in an institution. Securus will use this technology to remotely access crime within the facility without the need for extra law enforcement personnel needed. The additional facility monitoring will stop employee related crimes by 36% at even the toughest facility.

Who Is Securus Technologies

Securus is the leaders in inmate telecommunications. They allow their customers to participate in a quality network with many services unmatched by their competitors. For example, an inmate an email to let them know how you plan to prepare for their current trial for a small fee. Customers can also enjoy remote visitation, stamp bundles, inmate photos, and more. You must be eighteen or older to use Securus Technologies features and have a valid method. Get an advanced technological solution to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility.

Are you currently paying outrageous fees with your current inmate provider? Securus has arranged a web portal with customer support features allowing you to discuss your account or register for services with a live customer service support professional. Get the services and features that are guaranteed to keep you connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility over a quality network.