MB2 Dental: Handling Non-Clinical Tasks So Dentists Can Focus On Dentistry

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company founded and run by dentists that provides help with the important non-clinical activities involved with managing and developing a dental practice. By providing help with those tasks, MB2 Dental frees dentists to focus their time and energy on providing their patients with the highest quality dental care possible. This results in better dental care outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction for both patients and dentists. MB2 Dental lets dentists do dentistry and they handle the rest.

Founded in Texas in 2007 by dentist Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, MB2 Dental offers a wide range of services. They include:

Human Resources

Accounting & Finance


Regulatory Compliance

Information Technology

Billing & Collections




Business Development


By having experts handle these tasks, MB2 Dental ensures each dental practice in their network has these services performed properly and gets the most benefit possible out of them. For most dentists these tasks are time-consuming and burdensome, yet necessary to run a successful practice. With MB2 Dental handling the non-clinical elements of running a dental practice, patient care becomes the dentist’s only concern. As a result, they can improve the quality of their services and the speed and effectiveness with which they provide them.

As a company run by dentists, MB2 Dental knows exactly what essential non-clinical services dental practices need to succeed. The company gives dentists a third choice when it comes to setting up their practices. They can go it alone, join with a group of other dentists and share the costs and responsibilities, or they can join the MB2 Dental network and get the support they need. Currently the MB2 Dental network has over 1,000 dentists in 8 states and is growing every day.

MB2 Dental is a young, progressive, technologically-advanced company in tune with all the latest standards and practice trends. Their staff has the training, expertise and experience to handle the support service any dental practice needs with ease. They can also help dentists with legal, compliance, human resources or any other type of challenges they encounter. Plus, they’re committed to ensuring all dentists in their network retain complete autonomy running their practices.

At MB2 Dental they understand dentists need a chance to get away and relax, so they organize great bi-yearly Owner’s Retreats. If you want to take your dental practice to a higher level, contact MB2 Dental today.

MB2 Dental Youtube Channel: Youtu.be/36smqxC1my0

Getting to Know Dr. Chris Villanueva

Dr. Chris Villaneuva has worked on both sides of the dental industry – as a private dentist in solo practice, and as a corporate dentist in a larger group. Despite being born here in the United States (in Ohio), Dr. Villaneuva spent many of his formative years travelling around the globe to various places in Asia and Latin and Central America, graduating from a high school in Caracas, Venezuela. He went on to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida and his DMD from Nova Southeastern.

Dr. Villaneuva brings a wealth of experience to the table given his globetrotting upbringing and his multifaceted experiences as a dentist. In 2007, he decided to build further off of those experiences, founding MB2 Dental Solutions, where he currently serves as CEO, overseeing this one-of-a-kind dental support organization mutually owned by hundreds of fellow dentists. MB2 offers it’s dental affiliates support and assistance in day-to-day operations, without a heavy hand, allowing each individual dentist or practice retain their own standards for records, dealing with patients, and all the day to day minutiae that comes with running a busy dental office. Dr. Villaneuva now employs over 500 people at MB2, with over 70 affiliates spanning the Southern U.S., from New Mexico to Tennessee – and even a few in Alaska, too!

Dr. Villaneuva recognizes that while dentists and their staff across the country may need support and assistance, doing so while abiding by best-practices and allowing them to retain absolute freedom bridges the best of both worlds, and really creates a positive working relationship between the end-user and the support organization. MB2 and Dr. Villaneuva’s work revolve around the concept that dentists working together are more than just the sum of their individual parts, and that when providers come together to assist one another, the person who benefits most in the end is the patient.

A creative thinker and noted nightowl, Dr. Villaneuva lives with his wife – who is also a dentist – and two children in Texas. He enjoys playing with his kids and being a family man while he’s not at the office.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He is a former police officer, and he attended the University of South Florida, USA. After his college studies, he enrolled into the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated and earned the prestigious award of merit.


Bob’s dream in marketing begun in 2004 when together with his tech-savvy friend, he perfected the art of putting videos into emails leading to the birth of talk fusion. This company is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies.


Talk fusion just the other day introduced an improved version of live meetings. This modern application has an updated interface and makes use of WebRTC system. It enables people to hold video conferences and transmit one-way videos. The application currently can support over 500 participants and 15 hosts.


Talk fusion continues to beat its competitors by embracing modern technologies. It has also stayed afloat by adopting new promotional methods in an effort to attract clients. Bob Reina commented on the look of his company; he stated that no similar technology could compete with the value of WebRTC. This technology benefits average computer users as well as marketing professionals. It allows people to interact by voice while using up to date browser.


The latest version of Talk Fusion provides sharp video and very audible clear audio. It is an easy application for beginners to use. It also has maximum security for its participants and as well as presenters. Another advantage is that the video conference has a smooth appearance. There are no confusing echoes or distortion while you listen in. Waiting rooms are provided to hosts inorder to test the systems before the presentations go live. Talk Fusion has succeeded in becoming the only company that facilitates WebRTC based video conferences with 500 or more users.


In 2016, Talk Fusion video chat technology earned an important WebRTC award and won a separate award for the best software to provide communication solutions. This honor was given to this application because the application uses WebRTC in an innovative manner. Talk Fusion continues to enhance its products at a very fast pace. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate





CEO Of Nabors Industries Tony Petrello’s Generous Nature

In his chosen hometown of Houston, Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, is known for more than just his entrepreneurial skills. Petrello is also known for encouraging and contributing to the culture of charity and lending a helping hand at Nabors Industries.

In October 2017, Houston and the surrounding area was victim to one of the largest natural disasters Texas has seen in the last 20 years when Hurricane Harvey hit. As part of the culture of helping at Nabors Industries, Petrello helped to provide labor and resources so that Houston and its citizens could rebuild.

Through Nabors Industries he used his resources and influence to help by encouraging and allowing employees to take paid time off in order to donate their time and energy to hurricane rebuilding and relief effort. This paid time off allowed many employees who would not otherwise be able to afford to do so to donate their time and energy and help ensure that Houston and the surrounding area rebuild as quickly as possible. Many of the 1200 employees of the company were either directly affected by Hurricane Harvey or had friends, neighbors and relatives who were which made them very eager to pitch in and help.

The workers were sent to various locations on the Gulf Coast, where ever they were needed. In addition to donating their time, the CEO and his employees also donated a large amount of money to the relief efforts. The employees of Nabors Industries donated over $170,000 which Petrello generously matched.

One of the reasons why the employees of Nabors Industries are so generous is because of the giving culture that Petrello helps to cultivate. The employees are treated very fair and generously. They have their own cafe where they can relax and drink coffee, a barbecue pit where they can eat lunch and enjoy the outdoors, and a health and fitness center where they can work on reaching their fitness goals.

Tony Petrello’s generosity extends far beyond the walls of his company. He has donated to and run fundraisers for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his wife Cynthia, who is also very giving of her time and money.

Tony Petrello is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard University with an MD, BS and JD. He worked as a lawyer at Baker and McKenzie law firm. He is one of the highest paid CEO in America.

Learn more about Anthony Petrello: http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/09/tony-petrello-and-his-dedication-to-philanthropic-causes/

The Success of Matt Badiali

Perhaps, his hands-on approach to investment is what earns Matt Badiali the high accolade when it comes to investment in natural resources. Definitely, his agility when it comes to investment is rare to find in any other kind of expert in the field. Since he likes taking an active part in research and investment projects, he has visited many countries in a bid to identify new investment opportunities and learn new technologies in mining as well. With the aim of improving the efficiency and profitability in the mining industry, he has visited a myriad of mines and oil wells globally. He does this in a bid to equip himself with edge cutting technology and keep abreast with the geological data of different mining fields around the world. Apart from the dizzying array of mining sites, he has visited a number of countries including Haiti, Hong Kong, Iraq, New Guinea, Papua Singapore, Switzerland, and Turkey. Matt Badiali attests that his success is founded on one principle, “you don’t really know what’s going on unless you see it for yourself.” As a matter of fact, he has used this principle to scale to greater heights of success in different aspects ranging from business to politics. Read more on Matt Badiali: Focus on Gold’s Prospect Generators:https://seekingalpha.com/article/132836-matt-badiali-focus-on-golds-prospect-generators

Another critical contributor to his success in the natural resource investment industry is his rich educational and professional background. Due to his training in Geology, he can identify red flags that are rare to detect on written reports. He believes that such errors are best recognized when one is on the ground. Owing to his geological training, he is always on toes to ensure that the drilling crew is in excellent condition and that the operations are running without any hitch or glitch. Before joining Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali worked as a geologist at a drilling company as well as a consultant to an environmental organization. People might wonder why he has been able to gain such a great insight into natural resource investment. Well, Matt has an excellent educational background. He has a B.S in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. After acquiring his bachelor’s degree, he headed over to study for a Master’s Degree at Florida Atlantic University. Matt Badiali is definitely the best Real Wealth Strategist, and his pieces of advice are valid to an ultimate degree to both novices and well-seasoned natural resource investors. So, if you are the kind of entrepreneur out to make robust profits in the natural resource industry, just follow Matt’s footsteps and be sure to ride the booms and dodge busts in your investment.

Learn more:https://www.streetwisereports.com/pub/htdocs/expert.html?id=2093

Fabletics to overtake Amazon as biggest online shop

Amazon has been the king in the online business of selling apparels for a long time now. It has established itself as the undisputed king of online shopping. However, the question that people should be asking themselves is, for how long will they top the list as the number one online shop? There are new brands that are coming up which have a high potential, of offering competition that has never been anticipated in the market ever before. For a long time, there has never been a worthy competitor who can dethrone them from the top position.


Many companies, especially in the apparel industry, have been struggling to make ends meet in their business operations. They have no chance of dislodging Amazon from the number one position. There is one company that is coming up really well. This is a company that has been in existence for just a few years and it is making headways in the industry. It is proving to have capabilities of becoming a global giant. This is a company that has been engaged in online businesses of selling apparels. The company we are talking about is a company known as Fabletics. The Fabletics brand has been in the markets for about 3 years. In the three years, it has managed to make great changes in the online marketing sector. Kate Hudson is the personality behind the success of this company. The brand have been producing products meant for women workout. In just 3 years, the sales for the company have been in excess of m$250 million.


Kate Hudson says that for the company to see the success that we see today, it has employed unique strategies that are meant to deal with the popularity Amazon have been employing. Fabletics have come up with unique membership program that has been coupled up with a reverse showrooming. The application of these strategies has worked for the company very well. It has created a huge, client base for the company which has translated into huge sales.


If the company is able to maintain the recent trend on its growth, we are headed to a time in the history of online business when Amazon will no longer be the biggest company in the world. Fabletics will take over as the leading online shop for apparels. The products that are being created by the Fabletics brand have caught the women all over the country by awe. They are products that are affordable yet one that have the features that women want.

Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is a renowned trade unionist who hails from Liverpool England and was born on January 21, 1876. Jim parents were of Irish origin and lived in the slums of Liverpool. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Life in the slum was not all rosy, and as a result, Jim was forced to juggle between school and work so as to supplement the family’s income. Jim attended school during the morning hours and work during the afternoon’s something that was very common among the slums dwellers at that time.

Larkin would later find himself working as a foreman at the Liverpool docks, and that is where his passion for advocating for the rights of workers grew. Larkin in 1983 became a member of the Independent Labor Party.

Workers strike at the Liverpool docks did cost Larkin his job as he was among those in the forefront in fighting for better working conditions. Larkin active participation in the strike earned him a place at the National Union Dock Laborers NUDL where he served as the Union organizer.

Larkin in 1907 was transferred to the Union to go and represent workers in Dublin in 1907. It is in Dublin that Larkin Founded Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) whose main objectives was to bring together all the Irish industrial workers living in Dublin under one union that will advance their grievances.

ITGWU became the first modern Irish labor organization to be established in Dublin. Before ITGWU was formed the Irish workers in Dublin were members of British based unions.

Larkin would later establish another union known as the Irish Labor Party. The party was in the forefront in organizing major strikes in Dublin including the 1913 successful Lockout strike that attracted more than 100,000 workers and nearly lasted for about eight months.

Larkin in 1903 married Elizabeth Brown with whom they had four sons. Larkin died on January 30, 1974.

Dr. Mark McKenna: How a Leading Medical Practitioner is Reinventing Elective Healthcare

Dr. Mark McKenna is widely considered to be an accomplished medical practitioner by the Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. As a staunch advocate of exemplary patient services, the New Orleans native has proven to be a force to reckon with in the medical industry courtesy of his unwavering commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. The Tulane University Medical School alumnus traces his medical training when launching the McKenna Venture Investments with the aid of his father. The company is essentially a real estate development firm that meets the evolving needs of customers in the real estate industry.

Despite the company undergoing a major setback during the onset of Hurricane Katrina, the good doctor overcame various obstacles to participate in the reconstruction of the city through affordable income housing. A recent interview with the medical guru helped shed some light on his personal and professional life.

How OVME Came Into Existence

The medical professional is widely credited with founding and running OVME, a leading consumer-based and technologically enabled medical enterprise that is revolutionizing elective healthcare. According to him, the inception of OVME came into being after diligently offering technical expertise in the aesthetics industry for over a decade. As such, he deemed it necessary to develop a company that would disrupt the industry in several ways.

How Ideas are Brought To Life

As an accomplished expert, the medical guru primarily sets goals and visualizes on their existence. This essentially means incorporating the right combination of effective goal setting and meditation to transform ideas into successful business ventures.

Business Strategy That Helped Him Blossom in Business

Appreciating the company of smarter people has always been an essential component in the life of any successful entrepreneur. By being around more intelligent people, you tend to gain new knowledge and expertise in approaching specific issues.

Personal Background

Apart from founding McKenna Venture Investments, the good doctor is also known for acquiring and launching Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. which primarily focus on offering tailored design building, real estate, and financing services to its diverse range of clientele.

Alternatively, he is also married to Gianine McKenna, and the duo is blessed with a daughter. Currently, the highly acclaimed doctor spends ample time as an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarkmckenna

Silver and Gold, U.S. Money Reserve Shares The Wealth

After Hurricane Harvey hit on August 25, 2017, Texas based company, U.S. Money Reserve quickly went into action setting up relief initiatives to give support to the victims left in it’s wakes. Feeling compelled to help thier fellow Texans, the company set up a relief fund through it’s YouCaring online page and matched everything that was donated in the month of September. Through the generosity of donors and the U.S. Money Reserve they quickly raised over $219,622 in donations to support those effected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas Gulf Coast region of the state.


Hurricane Harvey left over 39,000 people without homes and supplies for their basic needs. Forcing them into shelters to be cared for by others. In six days this category 4 storm left behind over two feet of water (http://www.cbs8.com/story/32745176/us-money-reserve-ceo-angie-koch-earns-contributor-profile-on-the-huffington-post-blogger-platform). The help of companies like U.S. Money Reserve made it possible to give much needed aid the people of Texas through their generous donations.


About U.S. Money Reserve


The U.S. Money Reserve was founded by a group of gold market investors who saw the need for knowledgeable experts to assist others in purchasing government issued precious metal coins. They have been in business for over ten years. This privately held company has become a trusted place to purchase government issued precious metal coins. They strive to provide the highest quality coins that can be found on the market. Together as a team of professionals they work to provide first rate customer service to their clients. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-partners-with-austin-disaster-relief-network-to-raise-over-215000-for-hurricane-harvey-victims-300559046.html


By building relationships of trust with their knowledge base and professional services they have created many long term clients. These clients trust them and look to their team of professionals to guide them in making the best investing decisions when it comes to purchasing gold, platinum or silver coins. Precious metals have great potential to be profitable. Knowing what type of coins to purchase and when to purchase these coins has helped many of their clients to find themselves in profitable situations. The belief that purchasing precious metals is a way to fortify your financial portfolio keeps the members of the U.S. Money Reserve team striving to provide the best possible results for their clients.



5 Goettl HVAC Tips and Tricks For Staying Cool and Saving Energy

If you feel that you are continuously pumping money into your AC each year just to keep the house cool during the sweltering summer months, you might want to listen up. Goettl, an HVAC industry leader, has some tips and tricks you probably have never even heard about – tips that will help you get the most out of your air conditioning system during the hottest and most humid time of the year.

Tip 1: Protect Your Home Against Leaks

In other words, weatherize your home. Often times the cool air produced by an AC system is wasted due to cracks and gaps. The cool air goes outside and the warm air enters in, which causes your AC to work harder to cool your house. In fact, many times the AC system can not keep up with the wastage and it feels like the AC is not even on at all. Therefore, insulate any cracks or gaps you find in your home to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

Tip 2: Keep Your AC Unit Cool

You can do this by keeping your air conditioner in a shady place away from the sunlight and hot air. Ultimately, this will help your AC unit run more efficiently since it won’t have to work as hard to cool your house.

Tip 3: Keep Your Thermostat Away From Sunlight

According to hvacrbusiness.com, this is a trick that works similarly to the one just mentioned above in that it will help keep your AC running smoother. If the thermostat is in direct contact with sunlight, hot lamps, artificial heaters, or similar sources of heat, then it could trick your AC unit into thinking it is hotter than it really is. This will end up causing your cooling system to work harder to keep the atmosphere it thinks is hot, cool.

Tip 4: Get Some Window Film

By applying window film to your home you can stop excessive sunshine from entering inside and making your house harder to cool. You can buy low-emissivity windows, but it is much cheaper to add tint to your windows to accomplish the same task.

Tip 5: Turn Up The Heat

This may seem counterintuitive, but by raising the temperature in your house you actually save energy. If your AC is running smoothly and the house is not that hot, then you should keep the temperature at 78 degrees because every degree below 78 degrees causes your AC to spend about 8-percent more energy than is its normal expenditure.

About Goettl

Established in 1926, in Mansfield, Ohio, Goettl is an HVAC industry leader now based out of Arizona. From its humble beginnings, Goettl created its internationally known brand by creating heating and cooling technologies that transformed the entire industry. At one point, the company held over 100 patents pertaining to heating and cooling systems.

Goettl now provides their Arizona customers with first-class HVAC services and continues to shape and reshape the heating and cooling industry in Arizona and throughout the world. For more info, visit goettlshdm.com.