The Oncotarget Journal – Availing Important Reports and Material for All

The oncotarget came into existence in 2010. Its focus is on oncology, which is a part of medicine that focuses in arresting, examining and treating cancer. However, recently, this journal has grown into publishing non-oncological material hence becoming the right platform for people who need to release their work online for quick, easy and effective viewing and access. Oncotarget’s great success has led to its diversification to cover other areas such as microbiology, cardiology and neuroscience as well as pharmacology among other fields. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Access and success story

The posts are on a free access site making it easy for most of the articles posted to be viewed. In fact, Oncotarget has been ranking first for the better part of the years since 2011. This is considered a significant achievement for any well-established and reputable journal in its niche. This success is attributed to organized publishing techniques and the editors’ efforts of maintaining the right topics with useful information.

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E-cigarette vs. Gum tissue

This is one area of research that Oncotarget has posted. E-cigarettes pose a danger to users when the metal evaporates during heating. It causes DNA to denature and change its protein appearance. This causes inhibition and rupturing of the DNA function. As a result, the gum becomes inflamed since the proteins fail to combine as it is intended.

MET for cancer treatment

Out of the 327 victims put in the test, 260 patients of those treated were found to have a better survival chances. 16 of them showed that how well they performed depended on their age. All this and more is found on the journal. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals