Dr. Mark McKenna: How a Leading Medical Practitioner is Reinventing Elective Healthcare

Dr. Mark McKenna is widely considered to be an accomplished medical practitioner by the Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. As a staunch advocate of exemplary patient services, the New Orleans native has proven to be a force to reckon with in the medical industry courtesy of his unwavering commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. The Tulane University Medical School alumnus traces his medical training when launching the McKenna Venture Investments with the aid of his father. The company is essentially a real estate development firm that meets the evolving needs of customers in the real estate industry.

Despite the company undergoing a major setback during the onset of Hurricane Katrina, the good doctor overcame various obstacles to participate in the reconstruction of the city through affordable income housing. A recent interview with the medical guru helped shed some light on his personal and professional life.

How OVME Came Into Existence

The medical professional is widely credited with founding and running OVME, a leading consumer-based and technologically enabled medical enterprise that is revolutionizing elective healthcare. According to him, the inception of OVME came into being after diligently offering technical expertise in the aesthetics industry for over a decade. As such, he deemed it necessary to develop a company that would disrupt the industry in several ways.

How Ideas are Brought To Life

As an accomplished expert, the medical guru primarily sets goals and visualizes on their existence. This essentially means incorporating the right combination of effective goal setting and meditation to transform ideas into successful business ventures.

Business Strategy That Helped Him Blossom in Business

Appreciating the company of smarter people has always been an essential component in the life of any successful entrepreneur. By being around more intelligent people, you tend to gain new knowledge and expertise in approaching specific issues.

Personal Background

Apart from founding McKenna Venture Investments, the good doctor is also known for acquiring and launching Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. which primarily focus on offering tailored design building, real estate, and financing services to its diverse range of clientele.

Alternatively, he is also married to Gianine McKenna, and the duo is blessed with a daughter. Currently, the highly acclaimed doctor spends ample time as an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

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Through his competency in his work, many people have tried getting a research on exactly who Dr. Mark J. Holterman is. Among the major subjects that they need to know about him is his achievements as well as the steps that he has passed through till he came to be one of the most recognized surgeons. Currently, Dr. Mark is a full and qualified professor of medicine who has worked at the University of Illinois since the year 2011. More to this, he has also been an attending pediatric surgeon in some hospitals in Illinois including Christ Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Illinois and St. Francis Medical Center.


One of the major contributions to his success is his educational history and background. During his early ages, he attended Yale University where he majored in biology. After his graduation, he proceeded with his Ph.D. and MD from the University of Virginia. It is still in Virginia that he completed a residency in general surgery which he completed along with his fellowship in pediatric surgery at the children’s hospital and medicine center through the University of Washington.


As an early intern, he served as a surgeon in chief at the advocate Christ children hospital which he did together with an engagement as a pediatric surgeon at rush university medical center.As the above is not enough about Mark, he also maintains membership with several of health and professional organizations (BeHance.net). Some of these include the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of surgeons. Along with his specialization in the pediatric surgery, he always has interests in research majorly on regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies, obesity and novel cancer treatments.


Since he has been in the medical field, he has always been on the campaign towards supporting life. His contributions and devotion in the field have seen him save many children that were taken to him in very critical condition. According to him, his main aim is never getting cash from his patients but to at least save a life each day (http://doctors.healthgrove.com/l/241393/Mark-Holterman-in-Chicago-Illinois). Through this pledge, he has held many fundraising that has played a great role in helping support some of the less unfortunate.