Desiree Perez Negoiates Multi-Million Dollar Contracts For Roc Nation

Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez gets credit for the steamrolling momentum that she, Shawn Carter, and Jay Brown have created and maintained. Founded by Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter in 2008, Roc Nation is an entertainment company based in New York City. Desiree Perez, or ‘Des’ as Shawn Carter refers to her, is a trusted associate of Carter and longtime friend. He believes that Perez has the professional knowledge necessary to provide exceptional management services to Roc Nation’s roster of superstar clients. Desiree Perez proved her skills when she landed the $200 million TIDAL investment deal from Sprint that was confirmed in January of 2017. 33% of TIDAL was exchanged for the investment. Jay-Z reaped the benefits of that deal by earning a platinum plaque when the June 2017 release of 4:44 album promoted one million free digital downloads that were sponsored by Sprint. Another landmark contract negotiated by Perez is the Live Nation touring partnership. Live Nation is an equity partner and has signed a long-term contract of $200 million with Jay-Z as a music artist.

Roc Nation offers full-service talent management to musicians, actresses, songwriters and producers including:

  • Rihanna
  • J. Cole
  • DJ Khaled
  • Fabulous
  • Shakira

Athletes are managed within the subdivision Roc Nation Sports. Some of the professional sports athletes are:

  • Kevin Durant
  • Jaelen Strong
  • CJ Prosise
  • Dez Bryant
  • Geno Smith

Roc Nation will celebrate a decade of entertainment management in 2018, and is still proud of the outstanding sales of 4:44. Roc Nation offers brand development, tour management and booking, artist development, music publishing, and project production.


Julia Jackson & The Jackson Family Way

Julia JacksonWinemaking is one of the most fascinating, sophisticated and demanding industries in the world. There are literally hundreds of winemaking companies on the market today, but there is only one Jackson Family Wines. This company has been around since the early 1980s, and it has grown dramatically throughout the decades. Founder Jess Jackson had a vision, and he fruitfully turned that vision into a reality. This family owned and operated business is one of the finest winemaking companies in the world, and it has wineries on just about every continent except Antarctica. It produces a wide range of beverages, but one of its best is the Santa Maria Valley Rose of Pinot Noir. This specific wine is very flavorful, and it’s full of ripeness. Julia Jackson just happen to be the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Julia didn’t always inspire to work in this exclusive industry.

Julia JacksonWhile working in some of the family’s wineries, she began to develop a passion for it. While in Bordeaux, France, she would immerse herself into the culture by learning about foreign sales, different types of wine, global markets and sorting tables. Her work days would sometimes last up to 14 hours. By the time Julia made it back home, she had become a wine extraordinaire. Her ability to fluently speak French gave her the opportunity to teach a sixth grade French class. French just seems to be the common theme with her as one of her closest friends just happened to be a French girl. Julia works as a representative for her family’s winemaking business. The family has a beautiful 583-acre site in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Julia’s very own “Julia’s Vineyard,” is located at the main Santa Maria Valley site. Seeds of Empowerment personifies everything about this woman, and this non-profit organization is a reflection of the Jackson Family Way.

Jason Hope, the Internet of Things, and What it All Means.

Whether or not most people realize it, we are living in an increasingly digital world. What we mean by that is simple: the internet is here and it is here to change the way we live our lives. This has given rise to a concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has been around for a little while now and the most vocal advocate and supporter of this growing concept is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a futurist, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who is literally changing the world with his work. Right now Hope is attaching himself to the Internet of Things while raising the alarm as to just how integral it will become.

When talking about burgeoning technology there are many different industries you can discuss. The Internet of Things surpasses them all, according to Jason Hope. The Internet of Things is how we are going to be living our lives going forward into the future. The Internet of Things, of course, refers to the way that the internet interacts with our day to day lives. In the Internet of Things we can see that phones, cars, streetlights, and even clothing is connected to and operating off of the internet. There are very real reasons to believe that our whole world could soon be on some sort of networked grid, and that is pretty important according to Jason Hope.

We can easily describe how the Internet of Things will bring change to an urban city. We can see how public transport would benefit directly from having the internet download up to the minute traffic data. We can also see how it would be important for emergency response teams. Imagine being able to have police officers, ambulances, and fire trucks all getting to their destination even faster. These are lives being saved and Jason Hope believes that this is only the beginning.Jason Hope on Facebook and also well known around the industry for his work as a futurist and a writer. He is also the founder of the SENS Foundation which is focused on progressive technology. You can bet that Hope and the SENS Foundation are keeping a close eye on the IoT. Follow him on twitter :

Highland Capital’s $1 Million Challenge is on

A co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero announced that the company donated $1 million to The Family Place to help victims of family Violence in Texas. Highland Capital is an established investment firm that offers an assortment of services, including financial advisory, investment management, and banking. The company has a subsidiary organization known as the Highland Dallas Foundation. Through this organization, Highland Capital LLC will match 50% of the funds raised for The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign.



As of October 2016, The Family Place had managed to raise over $200,000. The foundation has set its target at $16 million. The money raised through the campaign will go into the construction of the Dallas Counseling Center. This facility will offer accommodation to the victims of family violence. It will also house teen dating violence victims, pets of the victims and bullying victims. Many people in Texas have lauded the support that Highland Capital Management has offered to The Family Place. Mike Rawlings, the mayor of Dallas, expressed his appreciation for Highland Capital’s role in the Legacy Campaign. He believes that the programs will help many families in Texas.



About James Dondero



James Dondero is Highland Capital’s president and collaborative founder. His company is a leading service provider in the banking sector, and it has grown tremendously over the years. It serves international and local clients from different industries. Dondero has worked in the field of financial management for more than three decades. His vast experience has enabled Highland Capital to become a successful enterprise. James oversees the management of the investment portfolios at the company. Highland Capital concentrates on private equity funds, collateral obligations, and hedge funds.



James Dondero has been the cornerstone of Highland’s operations for many years. Under his leadership, the company has generated a lot of income, and the performance of the employees has improved. Mr. Dondero is an alumnus of the University of Virginia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Commerce. His leadership prowess has earned him a position as a director in large companies like MGM Studios and the American Banknote. James Dondero is also a giver. He does a lot of charity work when he’s not working.


Learn About Roberto Santiago, the Founder of Manaira Shopping Mall

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Joao Pessoa, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Paraiba, you’re in for a real treat. In addition to being the easternmost city in the Americas, which means that the sun rises here before anywhere else in the region, the city is home to the Manaira Shopping Mall. Don’t be fooled by the name; it is far more than a mall. Developed by respected entrepreneur Roberto Santiago and situated in the heart of downtown, it offers more than 280 stores and restaurants along with numerous compelling entertainment destinations.

Learn more:,mangabeira-shopping-a-arquitetura-moderna-do-empresario-roberto-santiago,10000096117

How did Roberto Santiago make his dream of owning a popular shopping, dining and entertainment destination a reality? The businessman was born on July 16, 1958, in Paraiba. Throughout his childhood, he showed exceptional aptitude, and he was especially talented at writing. Later in life, he would go on to publish a popular blog on the internet. However, as he got older, his interests veered away from writing and toward business. The young man was bursting with ideas, and he was determined to leave his mark on Joao Pessoa.

To make his dream a reality, Roberto Santiago first earned an undergraduate degree from Pio X Marist College. Not satisfied with a basic degree, he then went over to University Center of Joao Pessoa, or UNIPE, where he earned a degree in business administration. Now that he had good educational credentials, he was ready to dive headfirst into the competitive business world.

Santiago’s first step was taking a position at Cafe Santa Rosa. There, he worked tirelessly and was able to save up a lot of money by living frugally and by being careful. This paid off later when he was able to invest in a cardboard box manufacturing company.

In 1987, when he was just 28, Roberto Santiago was able to purchase a large, prime piece of land right in downtown Joao Pessoa. He already had something in mind: A one-stop destination for all of local residents’ dining, entertainment and shopping needs. Today, Manaira Shopping Mall also boasts many useful services, including banks, a fitness center and even a college. Roberto Santiago continues to stay busy with his business interests and owns another mall, the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. He is far from retiring, so odds are that we will see additional developments in his career in the years to come, and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with next. Read more articles on his Blogspot.

Tammy Mazzocco Continues to Thrive in the Real Estate Industry

Tammy Mazzocco has been in the real estate industry for more than two decades. She obtained her realtor license in 1995. Tammy began her career at a commercial real estate company, the Edwards Realty Company where she served as the secretary. She was part of a commercial agents team led by an enthusiastic commercial realtor, Mike Zelnik.

Tammy worked at Scotland Yard Condominiums in condominium management sector. It was during this time that she attained her realtor license in 1995 at the recommendation of Ken Cook, the owner of Cook Realty and the general manager of Scotland Yard. Ken played a key role in encouraging and teaching Tammy during the early days of her career, more details can be found on LinkedIn.

After leaving Scotland Yard, she was hired by T&R Properties as the multi-site property management. The summer of 1998 was a life-changing period for Tammy. She was hired as a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a top RE/MAX producer in the Victorian area, Columbus. Working with Joe and her involvement in the daily activities of a prosperous real estate agent and developer motivated Tammy to be a full-time real estate agent.

Tammy Mazzocco joined Judy Gang & Associates based in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy Gang became an inspiration, mentor, and friend to Tammy since she joined the team. Currently, Tammy sells residential real estate properties in Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, and Licking counties in Central Ohio.

Tammy did not know she would be a realtor. The idea to become a real estate agent found its way to her life. She worked with a manager who encouraged her to get a license and in the end real estate became her passion. Tammy love meditation, and this is the first thing she does every morning. Tammy ensures that the important tasks are taken care of before opening her emails or reaching out to her phone. She makes her days more productive by time blocking unpleasant thing such as cold calls and then pushes herself to perform the task.

Tammy obtains ideas by brainstorming and then research the ideas before doing a business plan to assess the feasibility of the idea. One of the developments in the real estate industry that Tammy like is the lead companies who are transferring live clients to interact with. She believes that if the realtor can make a call, he/she is more likely to get an appointment. The probabilities of making a sale after the face to face appointment are very high.

Tammy is quite shy especially when she is meeting and talking to people. However, she conceals her shyness by being talkative and friendly. One of the habits that has made Tammy a successful and productive realtor is setting her goals and then converting them to actionable steps. She advises the young people to live without the fear of failure.

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Eric Pulier: A History of Genuis

Stories of genius are usually told with excessive, distracting flair and rarely mention the true source of an intelligence person’s success; their hard work. Eric Pulier may or may not consider himself a genius, but it is undeniable that his work ethic is unmatched. With over fifteen companies founded or co-founded by Pulier, we can begin to understand the makings of his financial success by going backwards in his history.

Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey and had already begun to learn program basics by the time he was ten years old. After studying for multiple years, Pulier began his database computer company before graduating high school. After graduating high school, he attended Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude. In 1997, Pulier helped organize an event for the Presidential Technology Exhibition. The exhibition was named “The Bridge to the 21st Century,” and was designed to show the wonders of evolving technologies to members of the political field. One such marvel was the inclusion of a live feed to astronauts in space, which was unheard of at the time. Pulier was chosen by Presidential Inaugural Committee to execute the event, though organized much of the event himself, including sourcing funds for the event.

Since this time, Eric Pulier has founded or co-founded over fifteen companies such as, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, Digital Evolution and more. It’s with a long history of notable accomplishments such as these that we can see that a mind that is labeled a genius, is actually just a mind with a profound work ethic.


Norman Pattiz Announces A New Show On Chris Jericho’s Podcast Network

Jericho Network Collections, owned by WWE star, Chris Jericho, will now feature a new paranormal show called “Beyond the Darkness.” It shall be under the umbrella of PodcastOne Network. The founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz shared this information with the public. He termed Chris Jericho as one of their jewels and added that they knew Chris would go places with The Jericho Network Collection. PodcastOne is the largest top advertiser-supported podcast network in the country. It hosts over 200 of the current famous podcasts, including Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Corolla, Dr. Drew, Chris Webber, Eddie Trunk, Dan Patrick and Barstool Sports among others.

Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader, author and radio host, and Tim Dennis, who is also a radio host and producer. The new show will feature prominent researchers and experiencers who will discuss subjects like angels, ghosts, aliens, demons, miracles, mysteries, monster encounters and ghouls. Fresh episodes will be released on Mondays via, iTunes and PodcastOne app. The Jericho Network Collection has delivered various shows ranging from wrestling, comedians to paranormal. Chris Jericho said he was excited to announce the launch of Beyond the Darkness.  This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as explained in the link below

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One, a radio network that he has led to become one of the largest radio network and provider of news, entertainment, sports, traffic programming and talks in the broadcast industry. In 2000, Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. Later, President Bush reappointed him. On the board, he was in charge of creating and launching the nation’s Arabic language radio and television services to all 22 countries of the Middle East, including Farsi language weekly broadcasting to over 40 million Iranians.

Norman was inducted into the esteemed National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He won the Library of American Broadcasting’s Giants of Broadcasting Award. Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Recently, Norman launched PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales, a leading company in national podcast marketing and sales. He works for the University of California as a Regent besides serving as the Chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore.


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Who is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur that was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He has been programming computers since he was in 4th grade. Eric Pulier began his first company while he was in high school. This company focused on databases. His smarts and hard work led him to going to school at the highly acclaimed Harvard University, while also taking classes at MIT.

While he was in college, he was a double major. These majors were English and American Literature. He wrote for The Harvard Crimson and also edited it. He kept himself very business until he graduated in 1988. Pulier graduated magna cum laude, which is well earned. This made him as prepared as he could be for his professional life. He made use of his knowledge to take his life to a much different place.

He was always geared up to help people through his talents. In 1991, he moved to the west coast. He founded a company called People Doing Things in Los Angeles. This company helped with various societal issues such as health care and education. Between his smarts and determination, he has made a ton of difference in many people’s lives.

Pulier works on various teams. One of the most notable teams is Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. This organization works on finding solutions to some of the world’s most difficult challenges.

There is so much to say about this man. He lives a life of positivity and hope. He wishes to spread these two beautiful things by finding solutions and making the lives of the entire world better the longer he continues to work. As for his personal life, he is the father of 3 and spends much of his time with them. He is a part of more than a few boards. All boards are devoted to the betterment of people.

Pulier is changing the world for the better and he’s just beginning. Keep an eye on what’s next.

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