Fabletics to overtake Amazon as biggest online shop

Amazon has been the king in the online business of selling apparels for a long time now. It has established itself as the undisputed king of online shopping. However, the question that people should be asking themselves is, for how long will they top the list as the number one online shop? There are new brands that are coming up which have a high potential, of offering competition that has never been anticipated in the market ever before. For a long time, there has never been a worthy competitor who can dethrone them from the top position.


Many companies, especially in the apparel industry, have been struggling to make ends meet in their business operations. They have no chance of dislodging Amazon from the number one position. There is one company that is coming up really well. This is a company that has been in existence for just a few years and it is making headways in the industry. It is proving to have capabilities of becoming a global giant. This is a company that has been engaged in online businesses of selling apparels. The company we are talking about is a company known as Fabletics. The Fabletics brand has been in the markets for about 3 years. In the three years, it has managed to make great changes in the online marketing sector. Kate Hudson is the personality behind the success of this company. The brand have been producing products meant for women workout. In just 3 years, the sales for the company have been in excess of m$250 million.


Kate Hudson says that for the company to see the success that we see today, it has employed unique strategies that are meant to deal with the popularity Amazon have been employing. Fabletics have come up with unique membership program that has been coupled up with a reverse showrooming. The application of these strategies has worked for the company very well. It has created a huge, client base for the company which has translated into huge sales.


If the company is able to maintain the recent trend on its growth, we are headed to a time in the history of online business when Amazon will no longer be the biggest company in the world. Fabletics will take over as the leading online shop for apparels. The products that are being created by the Fabletics brand have caught the women all over the country by awe. They are products that are affordable yet one that have the features that women want.