The Lifeline Screening Process Promotes Wellness And Good Health Practices

The Lifeline Screening Company provides a much-needed service which allows individuals to have tests at moderate prices that will provide information about their health. Most of the tests that are provided are not usually available at the local doctor’s office or emergency center. The equipment used is usually only available in hospitals or testing centers.

Many of the ailments that are discovered when these screening tests are done do not have symptoms that would be readily recognized by a patient. A good example of this is atrial fibrillation that is discovered by the limited electrocardiograph. A-Fib, as it is called, is an irregular heartbeat the can cause blood clots to form, thus increasing the risk of stroke. Many patients have no noticeable symptoms, but they could be in great jeopardy with this condition.

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The blood test only requires a few drops of blood from a prick in a finger. An entire lipid blood panel is derived, and the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol are shown. Also, the blood glucose levels are revealed which helps to diagnose diabetes as are liver enzyme levels, which are indicative of liver disease.

The ultrasound testing is the same test as pregnant moms have done to determine the sex of their baby. A sound wave is directed at the part of the body where information is needed, and a live picture of the internal organs is portrayed. This is very valuable because an ultrasound test can show the blood flow inside of an artery, such as the aorta and the carotid arteries. It can also show the bone density of a person which is vital in determining if a person has osteoporosis.

All of the information that is derived from the screenings of Lifeline Screening is made available to a patient’s personal physician, so appropriate treatment can be given if the tests indicate it is appropriate.

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