Silver and Gold, U.S. Money Reserve Shares The Wealth

After Hurricane Harvey hit on August 25, 2017, Texas based company, U.S. Money Reserve quickly went into action setting up relief initiatives to give support to the victims left in it’s wakes. Feeling compelled to help thier fellow Texans, the company set up a relief fund through it’s YouCaring online page and matched everything that was donated in the month of September. Through the generosity of donors and the U.S. Money Reserve they quickly raised over $219,622 in donations to support those effected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas Gulf Coast region of the state.


Hurricane Harvey left over 39,000 people without homes and supplies for their basic needs. Forcing them into shelters to be cared for by others. In six days this category 4 storm left behind over two feet of water ( The help of companies like U.S. Money Reserve made it possible to give much needed aid the people of Texas through their generous donations.


About U.S. Money Reserve


The U.S. Money Reserve was founded by a group of gold market investors who saw the need for knowledgeable experts to assist others in purchasing government issued precious metal coins. They have been in business for over ten years. This privately held company has become a trusted place to purchase government issued precious metal coins. They strive to provide the highest quality coins that can be found on the market. Together as a team of professionals they work to provide first rate customer service to their clients. Learn more:


By building relationships of trust with their knowledge base and professional services they have created many long term clients. These clients trust them and look to their team of professionals to guide them in making the best investing decisions when it comes to purchasing gold, platinum or silver coins. Precious metals have great potential to be profitable. Knowing what type of coins to purchase and when to purchase these coins has helped many of their clients to find themselves in profitable situations. The belief that purchasing precious metals is a way to fortify your financial portfolio keeps the members of the U.S. Money Reserve team striving to provide the best possible results for their clients.