Never bet against George Soros in the markets or politics

George Soros has donated more to presidential politics in the United States than perhaps any other philanthropist in history. Having donated more than $25 million to the John Kerry campaign in 2004, Soros topped the list of the most heavily invested campaign donors of that year. He again repeated this feat with the doomed 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton. During this outing, Soros again donated over $25 million to the candidate’s ailing campaign. This proved to be money misspent, as Mrs. Clinton lost quite badly to her rival, Donald Trump.

However, these two extremely large losses can easily obscure the fact that the man who made them has a track record of winning that is simply unmatched by almost anyone alive today or anyone who has ever lived. Having run his own hedge fund for more than 45 years, Soros has racked up the incredible return rate, per annum, of more than 25 percent. This is a feat unmatched in the history of the financial markets, making Soros unquestionably one of the greatest, if not the greatest investor in the history of Wall Street. Visit to know more about George.

Soros has also had enormous success in his philanthropic pursuits as well. After having founded The Open Society Foundations, shortly after taking the helm at his own hedge fund, Soros has donated more than $15 billion to causes around the world. Most of these have been dedicated to political reform of closed societies, such as those seen behind the former Iron Curtain and throughout its satellite states. There, George Soros is widely acknowledged to have been responsible, almost single-handedly, for the dissolution of many of the former Soviet states’ communist governments.

In the United States, Soros has been no less effective politically. While the vast majority of media coverage concerning his political contributions have centered around the vast quantities of money that he has donated to presidential campaigns, he has also had great success funding local campaigns of progressive candidates throughout the southern United States, particularly for the office of prosecutor.

One such example is the campaign of Aramis Ayala in Orange County, Florida. There, Soros infused Ayala’s campaign with more than $1 million, giving her a huge competitive advantage over her incumbent opponent, Jeff Ashton. Suddenly able to run 24/7 television advertisements, Ayala was able to drive tens of thousands of minority voters to the polls, handily defeating Ashton in what many were describing as a landslide victory. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros has also donated vast sums of money to races in the states of Mississippi and Arizona. In the latter case, Soros was successfully able to help unseat the 25-year incumbent sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Through victories like these, Soros proves again and again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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End Citizens United: The Voice of Average American Voters

The role of money in US congressional elections has long been a matter of grave concern for average Americans. The famous Supreme Court Case, Citizens United v. F.E.C., brought this matter to the forefront of the American politics. The landmark decision in this case by the Supreme Court served to encourage the involvement of money in elections and gave it a legal cover.


To counter this phenomenon, the End Citizens United (ECU) was established by a group of concerned political activists in 2015. The End Citizens United is a traditional Political Action Committee that thrives on grassroots funding and participation. The Political Action Committee aims to deracinate the menace of campaign finance in elections. Through financing campaigns for congressional candidates, business magnates and corporate leaders influence the electoral process in a way that they help elect their favorite candidates who in turn legislate to protect the corporate interests of the financiers. This has come to be a serious flaw in the electoral system.


Recently, the ECU has launched its Rob Quist Campaign against the involvement of big money interests in Montana. The ECU started a fund-raising program for the Rob Quist Campaign. According a press release published by the ECU, the grassroots members of the Political Action Committee have contributed $200,000 to Rob Quist campaign. The huge sum of $200,000 was made possible by small donations by the members in which every member contributed an average $16.Last month the ECU had given its endorsement to Rob Quist for the special elections in Montana. The grassroots members have been seen to raising funds for Rob Quist because they believed him to be the independent representative for their city. In this election, Rob Quist is contesting the election against Greg Gianforte. It is believed that Greg Gianforte is heavily relying on the financing of special interest groups and big businessmen to activate his election campaign.


The ECU endorsed Rob Quist has been able to raise a huge amount of funding from the campaign’s grassroots members in just a few days, particularly after a secret tape of his opponent, Gianforte, was leaked in which Gianforte was heard supporting an anti people House Bill on health.


Apart from other progressive groups supporting Rob Quist, the ECU is the largest supporter with a large number of members in Montana. The ECU has some 14,000 members in Montana, who have passionately supported Rob Quist and his election campaign. The ECU has pledged to continue its support for Rob Quist with the help of both its local volunteers and its thousands of small donors across the country. The members of the ECU have become active in bringing forth the negative aspects of Gianforte campaign. Moreover, the ECU has also filed a Finance Election Campaign petition against Gianforte.


The ECU is fighting for reforming the flawed electoral system and with the support of its grassroots members, the Political Action Committee is gaining success across the U.S.


George Soros Fights for the Issues He Sees As Important

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign season saw George Soros return to the political stage in a major way as he took the role of one of the main supporters of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Soros found himself at the forefront of the campaigning season after feeling the potential election of Donald Trump as President of the U.S. and the leader of the free world would have a devastating effect on the security of the planet; Politico reports Soros had been expressing his concern over a potential Presidential run by Trump for a number of months as he feared the right wing advisors and experts surrounding Trump would lead him down a dangerous path for the U.S. and world as a whole. One of the most trusted aides to George Soros, Michael Vachon spoke to Politico and explained the hedge fund management legend had always been a major political follower and donor, but he had made the decision to step up his financial giving to Democrat’s as he feared the rise of Trump would see the U.S. abandon its liberal principles. Learn more on Biography about George

Not only does George Soros use the personal fortune rated by Forbes at over $25 billion to back political campaigns by left leaning individuals and groups at all levels, but he is also a major donor to philanthropic causes he believes reflect his own personal values and beliefs. Soros has made it his mission to push forward a left wing agenda he feels will provide a much fairer world for all to alive in and enjoy on a regular basis; George Soros has used his Open Society Foundations charitable group to work towards bringing democracy to the world in areas where he feels tyrannical rulers are denying their citizens the basic human rights we should all have protected at all times.

The Open Society Foundations is named for a philosophical theory introduced to Soros by his teacher and mentor Karl Popper, the philosopher first came across Soros in classes at the London School of Economics and encouraged his desire to learn about a society where borders were open and the need of the many was placed above the benefit of the few. This theory has remained a part of the world of George Soros throughout his life and informed the decision of the man many claim broke the Bank of England in 1992 to miss the Democratic National Convention in 2016 where he was supposed to be a guest of Hillary Clinton as she accepted the Presidential nomination for the party. Instead, George Soros chose to spend his time working on the Syrian refugee crisis affecting the European Union, a political and social group Soros believes provides a great example of how an open society can prosper in the real world.

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