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Who Is Technologies; Technology Expert

There has been an increased need for extra security features at correctional facilities around the nation, as more law enforcement personnel are declining to work in corrections. More correctional officers don’t feral the pay ya worth the risk in daily operations at a facility. Thus, a need to keep the current staff safe along with the inmates led for a need for creative technology solutions. Securus Technologies was able to step in with many technologically sound features jay minimize the amount of manpower and paperwork being processed within the facility.

NEW! Securus Technologies; Drone Detection

The new drone detection technology detects drones that are meant to deliver contraband to a facility. Their technology will locate unauthorized activity flying above the grounds of the institution and immediately disable it mid-flight. The hyperactive technology is just one of their latest technology solutions to increased crime in a correctional facility. Get the benefits of knowing your facility can still thrive and keep its inhabitants safe with an advanced technological solution from Securus. The new drone detection model is set to be released in a few months and includes some o their very latest technology.

Securus Wireless Containment Technology

Securus is always creating new technology to secure inmate communications. Their CEO, Rick A. Smith understands many facility related crimes start at the start of inmate communication with the outside. Not all inmates commit crimes beyond their incarceration, while others do. The wireless containment technology is meant to intercept the illegal interception o cellphone use in an institution. Securus will use this technology to remotely access crime within the facility without the need for extra law enforcement personnel needed. The additional facility monitoring will stop employee related crimes by 36% at even the toughest facility.

Who Is Securus Technologies

Securus is the leaders in inmate telecommunications. They allow their customers to participate in a quality network with many services unmatched by their competitors. For example, an inmate an email to let them know how you plan to prepare for their current trial for a small fee. Customers can also enjoy remote visitation, stamp bundles, inmate photos, and more. You must be eighteen or older to use Securus Technologies features and have a valid method. Get an advanced technological solution to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility.

Are you currently paying outrageous fees with your current inmate provider? Securus has arranged a web portal with customer support features allowing you to discuss your account or register for services with a live customer service support professional. Get the services and features that are guaranteed to keep you connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility over a quality network.

Securus Technologies, the Leading Supplier of Prisons’ Technology

Securus Technologies is a renowned American prison related company whose mission is to help increase and improve the living conditions of prisoners in Kenya. The company is based in Dallas which is located in Texas. It was founded in the year 1986 and has been for the last 3 decades awarded for its innovation and creativity. The company is dominated by Engineers, designers, technologists and great innovators who always work around the clock in determining the next course of action.


Securus Technologies offers best software solutions that are of great economic value to their clients. Their businesses have expanded so much and have done tremendously well in terms of delivery and performance. They have focused their energy on inmates self-service, investigations, public information, incident management, communications, verification, monitoring of products and services and also provision of emergency solutions. They have focused their attention towards making the world a better place to live in. It has also been recognized because of the teamwork exhibited by staff.


Securus Technologies has over 1,000 employees who have been employed with the mission of delivering better services across the North America continent. Their regional offices are in Allen and Carrollton both in Texas and also in Atlanta Georgia. They have so many clients and they keep on clocking in every minute. The company operations department is usually busy. Today, they have served over 1 million inmates and they have invested more than $500 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies within a period of 3 years alone. The company, Securus Technologies was recognized as the international brand leader in the industry and has done marvelously well in terms of delivering their advanced tech related facilities. Their services have made the world a very conducive place for survival. Having served all the North America prisons, the company have gained the crown of being the largest supplier of technology across the region.


Rick Smith Has Made Things Better for Prison Companies

Prison companies around the country are now much better than what they were in the past thanks to everything that Rick Smith has provided to them. Not only is he the CEO of his own prison company, Securus, but he has also set the standard for the rest of the companies in the United States. This is something that did not happen immediately and something that was hard for Rick Smith to be able to get used to because the other company that he worked for was slightly different. While he was working in the prison industry, he was constantly fighting to keep the company above water. When he was finally able to make Eschelon Telecom a good company and something that people could enjoy, he did not reach the opportunities that made things better for the company. It was a great change but also something that made things better for Rick Smith.

Since he has taken over Securus, Rick Smith has seen a lot of different things going on in the company that he works for. He created the kiosks for the prisons, added different administrative support options and made sure that he was constantly working on the commissary options that people had while they are in the prison. By doing all of these, Rick Smith has set Securus up for success far into the future. He wants people to know that Securus is the premier prison industry company and that nearly every prison is able to get what they need from what he has to offer them.

It was not always Rick Smith’s plan to start working in the prison industry. He actually started in engineering and began working in the prison industry by chance. He knew a lot about engineering but he was not as interested in it when he got started with the options that he had. He actually wanted a change at making things different and the prison industry was the first place that he would be able to do that to make a difference for people who were a part of the industry. Rick Smith has created many different opportunities. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

The administrators of the prisons that the company works with have all noticed that there are fewer things that they have to do. This is helpful especially for prisons that have a very heavy workload or that are overrun with all of the prisoners that they have. With the help of Rick Smith Securus, administrators are actually able to focus on running the prison and don’t have to worry about the problems that come along with the things that Securus is able to do without the help of the administrators. Most are grateful to Rick Smith for giving them that opportunity.


Advanced Securus Technologies Features Catches Irregularities With Their Network

Are you frustrated with the rising cost of inmate calls? Securus Technologies is committed to reducing the cost of what you spend to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility. They have created many features based on customer feedback and have a online platform that allows customers to leave additional comments on cost saving ideas and features. Their innovative technology has allowed their customers to catch a few irregularities that could have resulted in higher rates. Securus officials were notified of the errors and they were immediately corrected to prevent a telecommunications crime. They allow their customers to solve and prevent a crime with interactive technology features.


They’re also known for their high level of customer support. Securus employees over 16,000+ IP professionals in a high level of inmate communication securities and safety. They were recently awarded the Stevie Award for their exemplary customer service. The Gold Stevie Award is the highest honor for customer service awarded in the industry. Securus was nominated and chosen from a top panel of over seventy-five judges. Securus Technologies told PRN Newswire that their focus continues to be what’s best for inmates and their family.


Popular Securus Technologies Features


Video Chat Feature


Are you interested in never leaving home to visit your love ones in a correctional facility? You can video chat features exclusive from the Securus Technologies online app. This feature allows you to talk to your love ones face-to-face over a high definition video. You also get complete control over the video and sound with a few easy to use onscreen buttons. Experience the joy of talking an inmate in a correctional facility securely online. Enjoy other features that include advance pay options, online photos, and inmate care packages.


Become a part of Securus Technologies today by visiting their secure website.


In Defense of Securus Technologies

The technology industry is a competitive field. Each company wants to be the first to release a new product or come up with a new concept. There are many patents involved in this field and these can causes disputes and even lead to lawsuits. Securus Technologies and their rival Global Tel Link, or GTL, have had their fair share of disputes. Most of them have revolved around patents.


Recently, GTL issued a press release making many claims against Securus Technologies. Many of the claims revolve around patent disputes. GTL states that Securus is using patents they are not entitled to be using. Securus Technologies denies all of these claims and even put out their own press release stating their side of the story.


Securus Technologies states that every patent they are using is either their own or they have legal rights to use. GTL claimed that Securus Technologies attempts to settle any disputes by going to court. Securus Technologies explained that they only use the court system as a last resort. The legal process is long and time-consuming and Securus attempts to avoid court at all costs.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that is based our of Dallas, Texas.