The success of JHSF under the leadership of José AuriemoNeto in Brazil


As the current Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, José AuriemoNeto has made certain improvements in the overall operation of the company. Since the company began its operations in 1972, some improvements were supposed to be made throughout its operation period. Since Neto joined the operations in 1993, JHSF has undergone a lot of changes, and these changes have led to the success of their operations. The changes in technology have equally improved the ways of operation.

How the company operates

From the time Neto took over as the CEO and the chairman, consumer satisfaction and comfort became the main focuses. Investing in real estate is very lucrative. With the influence of the company in Brazil, the cooperation between the CEO and the other employees has led to a better working principle. Currently, the company focuses on tapping opportunities and expanding their operations beyond the territories. Getting the latest infrastructure and using the most efficient technology in performing their tasks is the principles behind their success.

Expanding business operations through partnerships

Initially, JHSF did not handle several structures which were necessary. The growth period has been gradual, and different ideas are getting embraced with time. By 2009, the company, through the leadership of its CEO, agreed to partner with other financial institutions so as to expand their influence. It was during the period that the company ventured into retailing and the construction of luxury shopping malls. JHSF through the chairman partnered with Hermes and Valentino in coming up with luxury retails and stores that would suit the requirements of the consumers. To know more click here.

The areas of operations

The operation units of the company have been expanding every season. Currently, the company has four major units of operations. These include luxury shopping centers, malls, airports and high-class restaurants. Constructions of residential and commercial houses have equally been among the major operational units of the company. As the chairman and the CEO, Neto has contributed a lot expanding the operations of the company. Under his watch, JHSF built the first shopping destination 1998. The quality of their construction has been a huge marketing factor.

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