Get Your Hands On These Limited Edition EOS Lip Balms

EOS is known for offering a variety of lip balms, from the Vanilla Mint to the Pomegranate Raspberry. The brand is also known for offering limited edition packs. Limited edition products are usually gone once they sell out, so you may want to get your hands on these limited edition lip balms from EOS.

Spring 2017 Limited Edition: This limited edition lip balm is out just in time for the spring season. It is a two-pack that features the new Cucumber Melon flavor. The flavor is present without being too strong, and the spheres come in bright green and pink to fit the season, learn more facts here on

Smooth Sphere/Smooth Stick Multipack: This limited edition set features popular flavors in sphere and stick form. You can carry the Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint smooth spheres in your bag, you could try this out. The Vanilla Bean smooth stick is designed to fit inside your pocket. It is easy to detect the flavor of each lip balm, but they are not strong to the point of feeling sick.

Holiday Limited Edition: Whether you are stocking up or gift shopping, this limited edition set is perfect for the holidays. It is a two-pack that features the popular Vanilla Bean and recently released Winterberry. You can taste the sweet flavor of each lip balm without feeling overwhelmed. Check this out,

EOS has been a big part of the beauty world since 2009. The brand is famous for creating products that are healthy, effective and stylish. You can find lip balm, body lotion, hand lotion and shaving cream online and in retail stores. Whether you are using Passion Fruit lip balm or Lavender Jasmine shaving cream, every product from EOS can be used as part of your daily routine.

It is best to get your hands on these limited edition EOS lip balms before they are gone for good.

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