Discouraging hackers with Rubica

We are always so careful about keeping our homes, cars and other valuables protected that it is amazing how vulnerable we often are online. I knew that a while back Obama’s administration spent $19 billion on cyber security, and even Trump has been cracking down on keeping government information online safe. I have always known that cyber security was an important issue for companies and governments, but never thought about personal cyber security while I shopped online until I was targeted by a hacker. Suddenly having your credit impacted a loosing control of a card can be extremely disorienting and I hope to never go through that again.


After taking care of the obvious damage control, reporting the compromised card and deactivating it, it was time to start looking into how to prevent this from ever happening again (Facebook). After a bit of research, I decided that personal cyber security was something very much worth investing in. With the amount of time we all spend online, it makes sense to keep our personal electronics safe from hackers. The only thing left to do would be to decide which of the various personal cyber security companies was the best fit for myself and my budget.


I found a wide variety of great companies specializing in personal cyber security online. One of the best ones I found was Rubica provides exceptional personal security. With an app to go on your phone, as well as software for your computer, it was a great fit for someone who is constantly busy. Keeping in mind that it is not just our computers and laptops, but our smartphones and tablets at risk is an important thing. Rubica ensures that your cyber security needs are taken care of both by computers and actual people. This allows for the quick-paced skills of a good program to work with more flexible humans to ensure that nothing gets by them. With a little luck, and a lot of work I will never have to worry about my personal information online again.

More at https://rubica.com/get-started/