Summer Sensations Of Lip Balm

When the summer season arrives, I want to protect my lips the best way that I know how. I stock up on EOS lip balms in all flavors. My favorite that reminds me of the summer season is the blueberry. With a beautiful blue container and a light blue smooth ball on the inside of the container, I can feel the season on my lips.


The blueberry scent and flavor is lightly mixed with vanilla, making the lip balm seem more like blueberries and cream ice cream or cheesecake. The aroma is prominent from the time I open the package. When I use the lip balm, I know that I’m nourishing my lips as the products from EOS lip balm are made with shea butter and vitamin E.


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Another flavor that I enjoy for the summer season is the strawberry sorbet, see it here on It comes in a pink container and smells just like a bowl of strawberry ice cream topped with whipped cream. Each container of lip balm features an SPF 15 that protects my lips from getting burned. My lips stay soft throughout the day even if I’m outside for long periods of time because of the products that EOS uses, such as jojoba oil.


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