What Do Venture Capitalists Seek Before Investing? Marc Sparks

When starting a new business, a new project or a new venture in an already existing business, capital becomes a requirement. Some entrepreneurs upon reaching this point will consider searching for investors who can put their money into their business.

These venture capitalist will ship into your business after conviction that their money is going to be invested productively. Major venture capitalist such as Marc Sparks usually seeks for specific things before agreeing to invest in other people’s business ideas. Among the thing they scrutinize include the following:

  • Type of products or services: The uniqueness of what you are offering matters a lot to potential investors and none of them will be willing to use their resources for something that does not promise returns. Before approaching any venture capitalist, ensure that your product or service is unique in some way and not just a copied idea from other entrepreneurs. Try something new but viable in the market
  • Have a clear plan: Ensure you have a clearly laid down plan on how the financial assistant given to you will be of help to your business. You have to explain to them exactly where you have a challenge and why you think they can help you resolve it. This part is crucial because it proves to the investors that you evidently understand the business you are venturing into.
  • Provide any data available: Always ensure you maintain updated records and in this case if you have made any sale on your product give your potential investors those records. Prove to them that the business can do better with their assistance depending on how it is performing already. This is the key object that can convince the venture capitalists such as Marc Sparks on the viability of the investment.

In conclusion, the way you present your business idea to the venture capitalists determines whether they will be interested or not. Prepare your presentation in such a manner that your strong points are appealing and detailed enough to convince the potential investors.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent entrepreneur as well as a venture capitalist in America. He owns and also manages different businesses in Texas. The industries he has worked for include telecommunication, real estates, business solutions as well as venture investing. According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks has served in companies such as Timber Creek Capital as a CEO, Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless.

Apart from shining in business, he is also a philanthropist who channels his efforts to charitable activities. He collaborated with Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity to provide shelter to the needy and also supports American Can Academy in their programs in Dallas.

He is the author of the book, ‘They Can’t Eat You’ and is also writing a book to inspire future entrepreneurs.