Visit The Pokémon Center With Kim Dao and Sunny


Kim Dao loves shopping. If you’ve ever watched Kim’s YouTube channel, you know that she frequently takes her viewers on shopping hauls all around Korea and Japan. In Kin Dao’s latest vlog, titled “She looks like a Charmander | Shopping in Ikebukuro ft. Sunnydahye,” she goes on a Pokémon shopping spree in Tokyo.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao and Sunny are sitting in a Tokyo sushi restaurant. Kim tells her viewers that she ordered corn sushi and udon. After both Sunny and Kim finish their lunch, Kim Dao says she’ll take us to the famed Pokémon Center.


Once they reach the Pokémon Center, Kim Dao first shows us tons of Pokémon plush toys. She then takes a look at various Pokémon cases for iPhones. Kim Dao later finds a Charmander doll that she thinks looks just like Sunny. Sunny doesn’t quite understand why, but she poses with the doll for the camera.



Later, Kim Dao and Sunny go to a Starbucks to just chill out. Kim Dao says she wants to spend some time editing videos while Sunny tries a special sakura-flavored drink. When Kim Dao gets to the Starbucks, however, she can’t resist ordering a sakura-flavored latte for herself.


As night approaches, Kim Dao decides to head out for a nice dinner with Sunny. She takes viewers through the illumined streets of Ikebukuro as the two try to decide on a place to eat. Kim decides to eat a bit healthier and orders a pea dish at a local restaurant. Kim then tries to get a stuffed animal in a claw machine…but she fails. The video closes with Sunny playing “Dance Dance Revolution.”

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