In Defense of Securus Technologies

The technology industry is a competitive field. Each company wants to be the first to release a new product or come up with a new concept. There are many patents involved in this field and these can causes disputes and even lead to lawsuits. Securus Technologies and their rival Global Tel Link, or GTL, have had their fair share of disputes. Most of them have revolved around patents.


Recently, GTL issued a press release making many claims against Securus Technologies. Many of the claims revolve around patent disputes. GTL states that Securus is using patents they are not entitled to be using. Securus Technologies denies all of these claims and even put out their own press release stating their side of the story.


Securus Technologies states that every patent they are using is either their own or they have legal rights to use. GTL claimed that Securus Technologies attempts to settle any disputes by going to court. Securus Technologies explained that they only use the court system as a last resort. The legal process is long and time-consuming and Securus attempts to avoid court at all costs.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that is based our of Dallas, Texas.


Adam Milstein Promotes the Jewish Cause

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. His parents immigrated to Israel from Argentina (father) and Mexico (mother) in the 1940s. His father, Hillel was a part of the independence war in Israel, serving as a combat sailor. After his military service, Hillel worked as a building framer and moved into real estate development. In 1950, he married Eva, and they had three children. Adam Milstein, Joshua and Dalit. Adam spent his formative years in Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Motzkin.

Adam joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. After his military service, he attended Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Later he joined his father in the real estate business. In 1974, he married Gila Elgrably in Haifa.

They had two daughters, and moved to the U.S. in 1981. They later had a third daughter. Adam Milstein earned his MBA degree from the University of Southern California.

According to JPost, Adam Milstein, along with his wife Gila formed their family foundation where they donate to charitable and philanthropic causes to support and strengthen the Jewish community, Israel, and U.S. – Israel relationships. Adam provides consulting services, and fundraising services for Jewish education, and Pro-Israel programs. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Adam is the National Chairman of the Israeli American Council and was one of its co-founders. He and his wife co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which provides books in Hebrew for Israeli-Jewish-American families.

Norman Pattiz Unveils a Popular Ghost Buster Podcast Series

A new podcast that will discuss paranormal activities such as ghosts, angels, ghouls, aliens, mysteries and demons has finally been unveiled. According to a report published on PRNewswire, the program titled “Beyond the Darkness: will debut on WWE superstar, Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The program was announced by the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz. PodcastOne is the largest advertiser supported podcast networks in the US. The new talk show will be hosted by renowned author, Dave Schrader and radio producer, Tim Dennis. The programs will delve deeper into unraveling the truth and untruths behind paranormal activities. The list of invited guests will include globally acclaimed researchers and experiencers with first-hand knowledge and experience of the paranormal.


He added that he was a little creeped out with the inclusion of Beyond the Darkness podcast in his Jericho Network. However, the idea that the program will be hosted by celebrated hosts, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis means a huge fan base will be in the offing. Chris reiterated that the topics that will be covered will also be highly scintillating to the audience. Norman Pattiz on his part called Chris Jericho one of the jewels on the PodcastOne Network, thanks to his amazing programming on the Jericho Network as well as a rich and timeless wrestling legacy. Over the years, Chris has managed to bolster his ratings by bringing big names to his show. Pattiz concluded that the airing of Beyond the Darkness will add a cap to Chris’s amazing broadcast career. He believes the program will break new grounds in terms of entertainment value and anticipated fan base.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a well-known quantity in radio syndication. According to, Pattiz is the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and Westwood One, America’s largest provider of traffic programming, news, sports and talk to the broadcast industry. Since its establishment in 2012, the entity has quickly emerged as a leading distributor and producer of various on-demand, audio programming. Some of the key personalities and brands featured on PodcastOne include; Larry King, Shaquille O’neal, Chris Jericho and Laura Ingram.


According to, the awards include; The Freedom of Speech Award, Distinguished Education Service Award and a host of Broadcaster of the Year Awards. The broadcasting entrepreneur was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in November 2009 in recognition of his efforts to scale the far reaches of radio. Patty continues to serve on various organizations as Board Member and Director.

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The Davos Real Estate Group Introduces the Davos CAP Calculator

David Osio is the founder and leader of the reputable Davos Real Estate Group. Just recently, he announced that his company was planning to launch a new application that would assist the real estate investors. According to David Osio, the mobile application will be known as the Davos Cap Calculator. The primary aim of the unique application is to give the real estate client estimates on their investments in the competitive market.

The great Davos Financial Group has been in the market for more than twenty years, offering its customers comprehensive advice to survive the ever-changing economic climate. The group has been specializing on the Latin America region for a while now, and it has transformed the lives of many people in business. The organization has a team of specialists that are licensed to offer the clients different solutions.


According to David Osio, Gerald worked with the team of technology experts hired by the company to deliver the successful application to the clients.


The excellent app is believed to have been designed by experts after carefully deliberations and consultations. The experts had the expectations of the consumer in mind, and this is why they were successful. The application is one of its kind, and it is easy to use. The app will be downloaded on the mobile devices to help in estimating the gains in real estate properties after deducting all the expenses that are associated with the property.

Gerard Gonzalez said that the application would be one of the best tools that will transform the lives of the investors. The investors will now get clear perspectives of the industry before they can decide to invest their hard earned money. The real estate investments require a lot of money, and it is not advisable to invest without using the Davos Calculator.


David Osio has been in the finance industry for thirty decades. He has a lot of expertise in the competitive industry, and he has transformed the lives of many people. As the chief executive officer of the Davos Financial Group. Forbes has recognized the successful finance executive as one of the richest individuals in the United States. David Osio is also actively involved in philanthropic activities.



Growing a Company like Cotemar


There are a lot of people in Mexico today who want to work for a great company like Cotemar. There are many benefits that come along with working with a company like this one. Not only does Cotemar have a bright future, but it invests a lot of money into the local community. Many people are excited about all of the changes in science and technology that Cotemar is brining to its people. Over the long term, this is a company that has done a lot of good in the local community. If you want to take things to the next level in your career on, working for this company is a great way to do that. Not only that, but Cotemar is on the cutting edge of technology within the oil industry.


If you want to invest in your future, this is a great way to get started. Not only will it continue to do well in the coming years, but it is going to provide a lot of jobs for people in the areas around the company as well. A lot of people are excited to be a part of this growing industry. Cotemar is a country that will help others get to the next level in any way that they can. Come on by today to see what this company can do for you. Investing in technology is the way that this company has grown over the years.

Future Plans

Cotemar is a country that is always concerned about the future. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great company to be a part of. Few people today understand all of the financial opportunities that come along in working with a company like Cotemar. This is a company that is investing in the local community and in technology to make oil drilling better. Over time, this is a company that is on the path to success. Reference:

Refinance Your Car Loan With Ignition Financial

Buying a car has always been an occasion leaving one with mixed emotions. Most people are anxious to get a new car, but they have trepidations about getting beat up by a car salesman. Usually, after being humiliated, insulted and browbeaten by the salesman, one just gives up and gets a car with payments that can be afforded.


That may be a far-fetched description of buying a car, and perhaps that is what goes through one’s mind when imagining what will happen. There is more truth than fact to the part, however, about just getting a car for which the payments fit the budget because that is a more frequent occurrence than many people think.


Car dealerships and used card companies like it that way because their financing arrangements are sometimes less than stellar. The money behind the dealer and used car operations come from large banking concerns and lenders who live in a very competitive environment.


The lender will lay down a flat rate of interest they will charge, called the “floor rate” and then the auto dealer or used car company is offered a slice of the pie. Extra interest is offered to them, perhaps 2% to 4% and then the dealer or used car people cash in at the time of closing.


All of this means that the consumer has to make higher payments. If the consumer were to have done business with a local bank or credit union, he or she could probably negotiate a rate similar to the floor rate, with reasonable credit.


But now, Ignition Financial, in Austin, Texas has an answer to all of those bad loans. They will offer to refinance your current auto loan, and in more cases than not, they can save you a lot of money on your car payments. They offer a free analysis of what your payments would come to if you took that step, and if you have a fairly good credit rating, you could come out on top.


It doesn’t hurt to find out if you will do well, and if you can save money, it will free up some cash that can be used for other obligations, for savings, taxes, retirement, new furniture, or even another car.


Call Ignition today, and tell them that you want to, “slash my payments” and they will be glad to accommodate your needs.


Kevin Seawright is the magnate of leadership in Finance and Administration

Kevin Seawright is an operational leader in the sector of financial and administration. He is known for his strategic vision and the keen ability to achieve business goals and create new opportunities. Kevin is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation.

In his long career, Kevin has worked effectively in the revenue planning and corporate businesses all across the mid-Atlantic region. He has also successfully lead company reorganization strategies in New Jersey before became the Vice President of Newark.

He received his degree in Executive Leadership FROM THE Mendoza College of Business. The primary expertise of Kevin lies in revenue enhancements that have efficiently helped in forecasting the annual returns which increased by 25 % along with a rendering of good and services.

He has also aided in the solidification of Human Capital Division which resulted in the improvement of staff retention, enhancement of recruitment efforts, Collection of bargaining, adjustments of compensation, negotiations.

Kevin Seawright has about 13 years of experience in Executive work of finance, human resources and management in capital operation. In his whole career, he has been involved in $ 400 million in the fields of state, federal, capital, private and bonds.

Kevin has also served as the Budget Manager, Fiscal Management Officer, Payroll Director, Director of Finance, Chief of Financial ad Construction Projects, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Facilities, Executive Director of Operations.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright also has acted as an advisor to the board member of the Babe Ruth Museum. He is also active as a coach for the local youth sports team. He also has a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the National Association of Black Accountants.

Kevin has received a degree in Executive Leadership Non-Profits from Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. He has also received his Master’s Degree in Accounting from Almeda University.  The main mantras of the Kevin for success in his business are as follows:

  • Promoting efficiency in Accounting, Facilities Management, Finance and Operations.
  • Always be a successful team player.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Handling the situations with responsibility and trust.
  • Always developing the information technology

Waiakea, Hawaiian Volcanic Water Company and more

When you’re drinking bottled water you can’t always taste a distinct difference between one brand and the next. But Waiakea Water does have a distinct, and arguably better, taste than the other bottled water brands. Waiakea water is sourced directly from the spring around Mauna Loa Volcano. The snow on top of Mauna Loa melts, is filtered through porous lava, and pools in the Waiakea spring where it is collected for bottling.

Water going through porous lava allows the water to become alkaline (it has a ph of 8.8) and pick up many different trace minerals (electrolytes), like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The water has a tds (total dissolved solids) of 79. Ashley of Closets of Free Samples and Deals writes the 79 tds “gives it a light, crisp taste that, unlike more significant tds mineral waters, can be paired with almost all types of food. It is the particular combination of minerals, especially the presence of silica, that give it its silky smooth taste and mouthfeel.”

Waiakea prides itself in being environmentally friendly and a sustainable company. Its water is bottled in 100% recycled plastic which saves energy, water, and carbon emissions compared to newly manufactured plastic. Waiakea water is certified carbon neutral company because of its consistent low carbon emissions.

When someone buys 1 liter of Waiakea, the company donates 650 liters of clean water to people without access to clean water through Pump Aid. According to Gust, so far this year, Waiakea has put six new pumps in Malawi’s rural area. Since it’s partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea water has donated 500 million liters of water (source). Waiakea looks beyond providing great water to paying customers.

In 2015, the company showed that they had a 5,000% growth since their founding in 2012. It’s sold in several stores across 30 states in the US. Last year, Waiakea won six prestigious awards for taste, design, and innovation (source). Ryan Emmons contributes Waiakea’s success to its environmental conservation and giving back to the world practices. Learn more about Waiakea water:

In 2015, the company was valued at $10 million USD and has an annual growth rate of 170% (source).

Who is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur that was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He has been programming computers since he was in 4th grade. Eric Pulier began his first company while he was in high school. This company focused on databases. His smarts and hard work led him to going to school at the highly acclaimed Harvard University, while also taking classes at MIT.

While he was in college, he was a double major. These majors were English and American Literature. He wrote for The Harvard Crimson and also edited it. He kept himself very business until he graduated in 1988. Pulier graduated magna cum laude, which is well earned. This made him as prepared as he could be for his professional life. He made use of his knowledge to take his life to a much different place.

He was always geared up to help people through his talents. In 1991, he moved to the west coast. He founded a company called People Doing Things in Los Angeles. This company helped with various societal issues such as health care and education. Between his smarts and determination, he has made a ton of difference in many people’s lives.

Pulier works on various teams. One of the most notable teams is Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. This organization works on finding solutions to some of the world’s most difficult challenges.

There is so much to say about this man. He lives a life of positivity and hope. He wishes to spread these two beautiful things by finding solutions and making the lives of the entire world better the longer he continues to work. As for his personal life, he is the father of 3 and spends much of his time with them. He is a part of more than a few boards. All boards are devoted to the betterment of people.

Pulier is changing the world for the better and he’s just beginning. Keep an eye on what’s next.

For more information please visit

The Dedication of the IAP Worldwide in Solving Problems for Its Clients

IAP Worldwide is a firm that provides technical services across the globe, and it has been recognized for offering top-notch technology, international logistics, and administration of premises. The company has created divisions in about 25 countries in various regions of the world, and it has a staff of about 2000 highly skilled and experienced experts. The company has devoted its products and services to assisting it customers, who are in the private and public industries, in dealing with unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances on such as natural calamities.

IAP Worldwide has been in hiring specialists who have the expertise that is needed in organizing, controlling, and conducting sophisticated and technical missions that deal with logistics. These skills ensure that the clients get the best services. The firm owns and manages various resources, and they include infrastructure that is essential to the public, military programs, and portable research facilities. Clients from across the planet consider it as the most dependable supplier of administration systems, state-of-the-art technology, and human resources.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services to Help Implement Army’s Distributed Common Ground System

IAP Worldwide has been applying its ingenuity, exceptional knowledge, and excellent technology in offering solutions to its clients. It has made its customer service to stand out, and therefore, it ensures that all its clients are fully satisfied. IAP Worldwide has core competencies that ensure its smooth operations, and they are agility, capability, determination, and commitment. Various values are also applied to ensure that its mission is successful, and they are advising in an encouraging way, integrity and humanity, responding in a responsible way, and partnering with stakeholders to better the enterprise.

IAP Worldwide understands the advantages of teamwork, and therefore, it has been creating affiliations with various distributors and companies who want to address the clients’ issues. It also believes that the growth of an enterprise is greatly influenced by the community. IAP Worldwide has been socially responsible, and it facilitates various community programs across the world.

The international organization has been employing professionals who have adequate skills and experience to solve the clients’ problems. The diverse employees of the firm combine the abilities, skills, and experience to create a workforce that is unparalleled and this makes the company to offer high-quality services.